Stephen Colbert Parodies “Bad” Movies With Star-Studded Movie Trailer

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Stephen Colbert Bad Movies Trailer

By Shari Weiss |

Stephen Colbert Bad Movies Trailer


Stephen Colbert parodied the trend of movies with “Bad” in the title on Friday’s “Late Show.” The host created a star-studded spoof movie trailer, but even he was surprised by the ending. Watch the video below!

With A Bad Moms Christmas currently in theaters, Colbert took notice of a “cinematic trend,” observing, “So many movies that come out are bad. But not bad in the sense they don’t make sense or are about Transformers. No, they literally have ‘Bad’ in the title. There was Bad Santa, Bad Grandpa, Bad Teacher, to say nothing of Bad Lieutenant, Bad Words, Bad Santa 2, Bad Grandmas and, of course, the original Bad Moms.”

“And I’ll tell you right now: If I see this new movie and one of those bad moms doesn’t sleep with that bad Santa, what are we even doing here?” Colbert cracked. He went on to point out, “And that’s not even getting into all the ‘bad’ synonyms like Horrible Bosses and Dirty Grandpa, who, by the way, is totally different from Bad Grandpa. It’s like a tortoise-turtle situation. It’s very technical.”

The funny host then said, “I assumed this trend had run its course until I saw this new trailer.” The faux movie preview featured celebrities ranging from Keegan-Michael Key as “Bad Cardiologist” to Ellie Kemper as “Horribble Barista.” Even Andy Serkis got in on the action, giving a motion-capture performance as “Bitchy Giraffe.” Gossip Cop won’t spoil the ending that had Colbert himself so amused.

A Bad Moms Christmas, which brings Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn back together after the success of last year’s Bad Moms, has already made back its budget, but isn’t expected to do as well as its predecessor. That means the potential for more Bad Moms movies is up in the air, but you can always watch Colbert’s funny parody trailer over and over again instead. Check out the video below!

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