Stephen Colbert’s Oscar Party Tips: “Have A Diverse Guest List” (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert Oscar Party Tips

By Andrew Shuster |

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Stephen Colbert shared a few tips on how to throw a successful Oscar party, one of which included having a “diverse guest list,” unlike the 2016 Academy Awards. Watch the funny video below from Thursday’s “Late Show.”

“Don’t make the same mistakes the Academy did,” the talk show host joked about the lack of diversity among the nominees. “If all your friends are white, you are a racist. Fix that by Sunday.” Colbert went on to suggest, “Start your party early. Watching the red carpet is half the fun, and you don’t want to miss out when Bryan Cranston flashes some side boob.”

The late night host then imparted some advice to those in the film business who were snubbed this year, noting, “Don’t worry, you still have two days to make the In Memoriam reel. How bad do you want it?!”

Colbert also revealed that he’d be live tweeting the event, but has actually wrote his tweets ahead of time, so as not to miss any of the show. One example included, “Spotted on red carpet: Cumberbatch in a cumberbund. That’s a double cumber. #CumberBlessed.” He also pre-wrote, “Ouch. Not great a night to announce an all-white remake of Amistad. #OscarBuzz.” Watch Colbert share all of his Oscar party tips in the video below!


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