Stephen Colbert Mocks Oscars Best Picture Nominees On “Late Show” (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert Oscars Nominees

By Shari Weiss |

Stephen Colbert Oscars Nominees


Stephen Colbert hilariously mocked the Oscars Best Picture nominees on Friday’s “Late Show.” Watch below!

Just a few days before the Academy Awards, Colbert asked his audience, “Everybody excited about the Oscars this weekend?” When the crowd cheered, the host announced, “You are all liars, because a recent poll showed 60 percent of Americans can’t name one Best Picture nominee. So, hashtag ‘Oscars So White’ has become hashtag ‘Oscars So What.'”

Colbert said he fully intends to watch this Sunday to support his “dear friend” Jimmy Kimmel, and added, “I don’t know if you are aware of this, but I am also a member of the entertainment industry. And, as such, I have deep knowledge of the best pictures, even though I have not seen all of them or possibly any of them.”

“Fortunately, you can figure out exactly what happens in a movie just by looking at the poster,” Colbert insisted. And so he introduced the “‘Late Show’ Best Picture Poster Recap.'” He explained, “This will just get everybody up to speed on what is in all the Best Picture nominations, whether or not you saw them.”

First up was La La Land (see above), for which he said, “This, clearly, [is] about two crazy kids who fall in love while accidentally heiling Hitler. It’s a sad ending. Happens too often these days. It’s a cautionary tale.” Gossip Cop won’t spoil the rest. Check out the video below!

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