Stephen Colbert “Late Show” First Monologue – WATCH VIDEO!

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Stephen Colbert Late Show Monologue

By Andrew Shuster |

Stephen Colbert Late Show Monologue


Stephen Colbert kicked off his first “Late Show” on Tuesday night with the National Anthem, an appearance by Jon Stewart, and jokes about Ashley Madison and Donald Trump. He also used his open to pay tribute to David Letterman. Check out the funny video below!

Colbert began the show with a pre-taped bit featuring him singing the National Anthem with various people in different parts of the country. It ended with kids on a baseball field and umpire Jon Stewart saying, “Play ball!” Colbert also introduced his house band, led by jazz musician Jon Batiste, who played the new “Late Show” theme song.

Colbert then went into his monologue, which included a number of jokes. He cracked that he was searching for “the real Stephen Colbert,” adding, “I just hope I don’t find him on Ashley Madison.” Colbert then said of his second guest, presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s Florida roots, “You would think that that much exposure to oranges and crazy people would have prepared him for Donald Trump.”

Early on in the show, Colbert also paid tribute to his predecessor David Letterman, saying he was a “first generation Letterman fan,” and that he has adored the legendary talk-show host since college. Colbert is now taping his show at the Ed Sullivan theater, where Letterman had hosted his show since 1993.

Colbert’s first ever guest was George Clooney. Interestingly enough, this the third talk show for which the movie star has been the inaugural guest. He also appeared on the first-ever episodes of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.”

Check out the video below of Stephen Colbert’s first “Late Show” monologue, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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