Stephen Colbert, James Corden Mock Donald Trump Jr. Russia Testimony (VIDEOS)

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Corden Donald Trump Jr. Russia

By Shari Weiss |

Corden Donald Trump Jr. Russia


Stephen Colbert and James Corden mocked Donald Trump Jr. on Friday, after he testified about his dealings with Russia. Watch the videos below.

Trump met with the Senate Judiciary on Thursday, answering their questions about alleged Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential election. He has denied any wrongdoing, and said afterward that he believes the five hours of questioning “satisfied” the inquiry. While it was a closed-door session, details about the meeting still leaked, leading to mockery and pointed jokes on late-night television.

On “The Late Show,” Colbert specifically made fun of the way Trump dodged the media as he arrived on Capitol Hill. He played a clip of an MSNBC reporter describing how the First Son “avoided the cameras on his way in” by entering through a “hidden loading dock deep in the bowels of the Capitol.” The host cracked, “Yes, the bowels of the Capitol, where all of America’s most courageous leaders are pooped out.” He also hit at Trump’s insistence that he did nothing wrong by meeting with a Russian lawyer because nothing came of it. “Like if you rob a bank and the vault turns out to be empty, no harm, no foul,” Colbert sarcastically said.

Then on “The Late Late Show,” Corden shared how Trump maintained he did not collude with any government agents and doesn’t know anyone who did. “Now that’s just sad,” the Brit deadpanned. “‘Cause I’ve heard of fathers and sons being distant, but he’s acting like he doesn’t even know Donald Trump.” He went on to punch at the elder Trump’s appearance by bringing up his son’s statement that he was concerned about Hillary Clinton’s “fitness.” A joke about Melania Trump being “trophy” followed, which seemed to surprise the audience.

Jimmy Fallon also did a quick joke about the situation on “The Tonight Show.” He quipped, “The White House confirmed that [President] Trump had a private meeting with Russia’s new ambassador today. Trump said, ‘It’s very nice to meet you.’ And the ambassador said, ‘Dad, it’s me, Don Jr.'” Check out the video clips below.

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