Stephen Colbert Shares “Leaked” ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scripts (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert Game of Thrones Spoilers Video

By Holly Nicol |

Stephen Colbert Game of Thrones Spoilers Video


Stephen Colbert shared “leaked” ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers on Friday’s “Late Show.” The talk show host, of course, was mocking how HBO was recently hacked and cyber thieves have demanded a ransom. Watch the video below!

Colbert began, “There are three more episodes left in the ‘Game of Thrones’ season, but you may not have to wait for them.” He continued, “It’s unclear how the network got hacked. Possibly, because 300 million of us all share the same HBO Go password,” which Colbert speculated was “1-2-3-4-5.” He added that if the hackers don’t get $6 million in bitcoin, as they’ve asked, they’re going to “release naked pictures of the cast.” The joke being that “Game of Thrones” is known for its nudity.

Colbert then said he too got the “Game of Throne” spoilers that the HBO hackers were going to post online via a raven. “Don’t ask me how, but the ‘Late Show’ has obtained these leaks before anyone else, and since it will all become public anyway, we are going to spoil the spoilers tonight. This is, ‘A Song of Leaks and Spoilers,'” he cracked before unveiling a number of “leaks” from the show.

The first spoiler Colbert leaked was that “the White Walkers finally break through the wall, then turn to the camera and say, ‘We are a ham-fisted allegory for climate change.'” He went on to announce the second so-called “leak” that “Ed Sheeran doesn’t show up again, but there is a scene where all of Mumford & Sons get eaten by a bear.” Among the other leaks from upcoming episodes of “Game of Thrones,” said Colbert, was that “Daenerys flies her dragon 88 miles an hour and travels back in time with Michael J. Fox to stop her father being murdered.”

The talk show host further “spoiled” that “all of the main characters die before the last episode and the finale is just an hour of people farming.” Watch the full video below of Colbert pretending to leak “Game of Thrones” spoilers on the “Late Show”!

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