Stephen Colbert Reads Bad Father’s Day Cards On “Late Show” (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert Father's Day Video

By Shari Weiss |

Stephen Colbert Father's Day Video


Stephen Colbert read aloud bad Father’s Day cards on Friday’s “Late Show,” with help from an audience member. Check out the funny video below.

Colbert himself is a father, as he has three children with wife Evie McGee-Colbert. The kids, a daughter and two sons, range in age from 15 to 22. “My kids are all out of town this weekend,” the host admitted on his week-ending show. “I got no kids this weekend. Evie’s not, my wife’s not going to be there either. Just me.” The confession led an attendee in the crowd to yell out, “I’ll come.” Colbert then amusingly told the audience, “You’re all my children now.”

He went on with a straight face, “I’ll admit that it’s okay that I’m going to be alone because Father’s Day is not as important as Mother’s Day. Okay? It’s not. No, guys, grow up. It’s not. Sure we dads teach kids about lawn care and the importance of burying your feelings, but we did not give them life. We did not pass our child through our body like a canned ham. But after you buy dad his new tie, that also serves as barbecue tongs, it’s also nice to add a thoughtful Father’s Day card.”

“Now, if you haven’t picked yours up yet, please don’t sweat it because I’m going to show you this year’s hottest Father’s Day cards and their not-so-great beginnings in a special Father’s Day edition of ‘First Drafts,'” the former “Colbert Report” host announced. To assist him, he picked a dad of three named Ben from the audience and handed him a cold beer.

The first card they read stated, “Happy Father’s Day to my one and only dad!” But according to Colbert, the first draft actually said, “Happy Father’s Day to my one and only dad (that I know of).” The next card offered, “Happy Father’s Day to the man who wears the pants in the family.” But the original one declared, “Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for putting on pants.”

And in the cold open, Colbert was joined by Milo Ventimiglia, who plays the patriarch on “This Is Us,” for a hilarious tribute to hot TV dads. Watch both videos below.

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