Stephen Colbert’s Donald Trump TV Ideas – Watch Pitch Video!

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Stephen Colbert Donald Trump TV Video

By Shari Weiss |

Stephen Colbert Donald Trump TV Video


Stephen Colbert pitched ideas for a possible Donald Trump TV network on Friday’s “Late Show.” Check out the video below!

While Trump has vowed to win the presidential election and “make American great again,” others have theorized that he’s also planting the seeds for “Trump TV,” a would-be cable network. So on his late-night talk show, Colbert used his monologue to brainstorm “what Trump will do in the likely scenario that he will lose the election and the unlikely scenario that he admits it.” The host told his audience, “This is exciting — a brand-new Trump business venture!”

“Though, this was 48 hours ago, so it might’ve gone bankrupt already,” he then cracked. So, what’s Colbert’s idea for the channel’s shows? He offered, “I can’t wait until he introduces his programming, like the hour-long crime drama, ‘Bad Hombres.’ Or Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie’s new half-hour buddy sitcom, ‘Bridge & Tunnel.'”

Colbert went on, “Don’t forget the new children’s show hosted by Eric and Donald Jr., ‘Daniel The Tiger I Shot This Weekend.'” The former “Colbert Report” personality later compared Trump to “human sewage” in a biting joke about his infamous “Access Hollywood” tape and Hillary Clinton. And, since Colbert is an equal-opportunity commentator, the Democratic nominee didn’t get a pass and was mocked, too. Watch the full video below.


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