Stephen Belafonte Demanding Spousal Support From Mel B In Divorce Settlement

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Mel B Stephen Belafonte Spousal Support

By Andrew Shuster |

Mel B Stephen Belafonte Spousal Support

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Stephen Belafonte is demanding a large sum of spousal support from Mel B in their divorce settlement. The movie producer has filed court documents saying he’s broke and wants his estranged wife to cover his debts and also provide additional compensation.

As Gossip Cop reported, the “America’s Got Talent” judge filed for divorce from Belafonte earlier this year, claiming that he physically and emotionally abused her throughout their nearly 10-year marriage. Mel B obtained a temporary restraining order against Belafonte in April. Later that month, the former Spice Girl asked a judge to deny Belafonte visitation rights with their 5-year-old daughter because of his alleged involvement in the porn industry.

According to TMZ, Belafonte now says in a legal filing that he’s been staying on friends’ couches since being kicked out of the family’s home because he can’t afford to rent his own place. The producer also contends that his estranged wife is making it difficult for them to sell their house, which is on the market for $8 million, claiming the singer refused to show the property to a prospective buyer.

Belafonte further asserts in his court documents that he currently has a $60,000 credit card bill he’s unable to pay off, while his estranged wife is earning up to $250,000 a month from her “America’s Got Talent” salary, Jenny Craig endorsement deal and other sources. He wants her to cover the bill, as well as pay $200,000 to his divorce attorneys and another $55,000 to his accountant. The producer also says his reputation has been tarnished following the abuse accusations that emerged during their divorce, and he recently lost out on making $500,000 on a project as a result. The exact amount of alimony that Belafonte is seeking hasn’t been disclosed.

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