Stephen Baldwin Celebrates Donald Trump President Win On “GMA” (VIDEO)

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Stephen Baldwin Donald Trump GMA

By Shari Weiss |

Stephen Baldwin Donald Trump GMA


Stephen Baldwin celebrated Donald Trump’s election win on Thursday’s “GMA,” and spoke about the protests going on around the country. Watch below.

When it was pointed out that Baldwin was one of the few celebrities to back Trump, the actor exclaimed, “Me and Scott Baio, baby!” His brother Alec, of course, has been impersonating Trump on “SNL” for the last month, and didn’t share the same allegiance. That made for a “funny conversation” in the weeks before the election.

Baldwin now recalled, “Literally, was at his house at home with the kids swimming in the swimming pool, and he goes, ‘So, your boy’s basically handing us this election, don’t you think?’ And I went, ‘I got a funny feeling you need to be more prepared for a Trump president than I do a Hillary president.'”

Still, Baldwin acknowledges that the outcome has taken many by surprise. “I think people were just as shocked as a lot of people who didn’t vote for Mr. Trump,” he said on “Good Morning America,” adding, “It’s an anomaly. We’ve never seen this before, this type of a victory.”

And now he’s seeing the anti-Trump protests first hand. “The thing that is so overwhelming for me this morning is that I stayed at Mr. Trump’s hotel last night with all those protesters outside. And it really freaked me out, because I could be all happy or excited about the outcome, but then it was like a wave of reality that there’s folks out there that still don’t agree with all this,” Baldwin shared.

He argued, however, that “what makes the country so amazing” is “that right now, we the people, all of us, have an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the greatness of our freedom and our vote and our opportunity to really do our best to try to pay it forward and do the right thing. Just say, if you agree or not, the cool thing to do is to give Mr. Trump the opportunity.”

“I’m just going to be praying that everyone comes together and really gives Mr. Trump an opportunity to do the right thing and create the change for even those people who doubted him,” Baldwin went on, though he said he also knows he has to “respect those people” who wish to protest. But overall, “It’s important we focus on the positive,” he said. Check out the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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