Stephen Amell Slams Fan Over “Fake Marriage” Claim: “You’re Awful”

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Stephen Amell Fake Marriage

By Shari Weiss |

Stephen Amell Fake Marriage

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Stephen Amell is slamming a supposed “fan” who accused him of being in a fake marriage. The “Arrow” star has been wed to Cassandra Jean since 2012.

Using the Instagram handle “@fakemarriage,” an unidentified person has spent the last three weeks posting absurd theories about Amell and Jean’s relationship. In a new post shared on Wednesday morning, the individual highlighted random Facebook comments from people criticizing the actor’s marriage.

The caption, which is rife with grammatical errors, reads as follows: “The people on the precious facebook of the Stephen finally said some truth for him but this is so good because now him notice it everyone can see it this marriage it’s over and fake and no love and the best of this all it’s him try fixed the mess calling for precious wife and said for her going to vancouver but now everyone know’s it her just going because someone commented as bad wife she is… like someone said on facebook ‘why you still married @stephenamell?'”

And not only did the person tag Amell and Jean, but also the couple’s friends and relatives. The post was capped off with the hashtags, “#timefordivorces #divorceiscoming #stephenamell #cassandrapants #sandra #cassandrea #fakemarriage #badwife #sighthepapers #divorce #fakelove #fakecouple #bitchCassandra.”

On Twitter, the same individual, with the username “@fakemarried,” shared a link to the Instagram post, which is how Amell caught wind of it. He responded on Wednesday night, “You’re an awful person. Please delete your account. Or maybe unfollow me. Or watch Notting Hill. Thanks!”

Disturbingly, not long before Ammell’s response, the person posted a new Instagram entry calling Jean the “devil.” Fortunately for the CW star, he has far more supportive fans than this troll. In fact, his message slamming the person has received nearly 2,000 likes so far.


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