State Of The Union “Lie Witness News” Edition: Jimmy Kimmel Asks Made Up President Obama Speech Antics (VIDEO)

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Obama state union Lie Witness News

By Michael Lewittes |

Obama state union Lie Witness News


Jimmy Kimmel tricked people on Hollywood Boulevard into critiquing President Obama’s final State of the Union address hours before the speech even took place. As the talk show host is wont to do, people were asked about absurd scenarios that supposedly took place during the president’s address. See Kimmel’s State of the Union edition of “Lie Witness News” below.

Not surprisingly, plenty of people were willing to share their thoughts on the address, even though it hadn’t happened yet. One man said that he saw the “highlights” of the State of the Union on Facebook. When asked him about Obama supposedly belching in the middle of the speech, that man said the president should “not have done it.” But he was more sympathetic when asked about Obama supposedly lighting a fake cigarette, expressing that “he was just being funny. I guess he has a sense of humor.”

A woman with her daughter was asked about Obama’s (wholly fabricated) harmonica solo in the address, which she thought was “ludicrous.” The woman added, “I didn’t think it’s any way that a president should act… I’m embarrassed by the fact he’s our president.” Another young man praised Obama’s “honesty” during the speech (which hadn’t yet been delivered), and after having completely lied about seeing the State of the Union, he said, “Honesty is the most important virtue to me.”

Watch the funny State of the Union edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” below.


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