Stars React To State Of The Union 2016 — See Celebrity Twitter Reaction

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State Of The Union Reaction 2016

By Shari Weiss |

State Of The Union Reaction 2016

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President Obama gave his 2016 State of the Union address on Tuesday, the final one of his presidency. During the wide-ranging speech in front of Congress and invited guests, stars live-tweeted their reactions. Check out the celebrity Twitter reactions below!

Less than an hour before Obama began his lengthy speech, he tweeted, “I’m treating this last State of the Union just like my first – because I’m still just as hungry. I hope you tune in, because it’s for you.” Octavia Spencer let her followers know she’d be one of the people watching, writing, “About to watch the last SOTU address from President Barack Obama.” And when Michelle Obama made her entrance in a stunning yellow-tangerine dress, the actress exclaimed, “FLOTUS looks radiant tonight!!!”

Obama started his speech by telling the crowd it would be shorter than past years, which prompted cheers and laughter, and made some jokes about everyone being eager to get back to Iowa. And the President made clear he wanted to focus on the nation’s future. Embracing that idea, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted, “America is better because of @POTUS’ leadership. Proud to call him my friend. Let’s build on his progress. #SOTU -H.”

In response to Obama naming broad issues that need to be asked and answered, Erika Christensen tweeted, “Wow. Good four questions. #SOTU I’m listening.” When the President said America should be the country that “cures cancer once and for all,” Debra Messing retweeted the quote with an “amen.” And after Obama said Wall Street “recklessness” caused the financial crisis, and not “food stamp recipients,” Kerry Washington agreed, writing, “RIGHT?!?!?!”

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert dryly noted, “Apparently Kim Davis got invited to the #SOTU, if you’re wondering who half of the room will be clapping for. #LSSC” On the topic of the GOP, Zoe Saldana urged in a Twitter post, “Republicans get up or at least clap for your American president. #SOTU.” And former “Celebrity Apprentice” winner Arsenio Hall ventured, “Bet you my ole’ boss Donald Trump is watching the ‘Chopped’ marathon on the Food Network.”

William Shatner also wasn’t watching. When a follower asked if he was tuned in to the State of the Union, the Canadian actor replied, “It’s not my Union.” It is Marco Rubio’s union, though, and the Republican candidate appeared a bit bored and even sleepy, prompting Yvette Nicole Brown to tweet, “Rubio looks like he’s dreaming of caucuses.” Jesse Tyler Ferguson even cracked, “When I was 10 I ruined the Easter family photo because I was moody, fussy & didn’t want to be there.That’s how every GOP looks at the #SOTU.

Nearly an hour into the address, Zendaya tweeted to her fans, “I hope you’re watching #SOTU.” The speech, however, ended minutes later. That was probably welcome news to Donald Trump, who posted, “The #SOTU speech is really boring, slow, lethargic – very hard to watch!” And Glenn Beck even wrote, “All I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher. BLAH BLAH BLAH.”

But Billy Eichner argued, “I love @BarackObama. We were so lucky that someone this intelligent, elegant, down to earth and self aware wanted this job at all.” Kelly Rowland went with a celebratory prayer hands emoji to accompany her “Mr. President” tweet, while Russell Simmons remarked, “Thank you Barack. Thank you. One more year to go. Let’s get criminal justice reform done this year!” And Washington summed up the night by saying, “Surreal. I kinda can’t believe that’s his last SOTU. Well done Sir. @POTUS #SOTU.”


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