Stars Salute Those Who Served On Veterans Day – See Celebrity Tributes

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Stars Veterans Day Celebrities

By Michael Lewittes |

 Stars Veterans Day Celebrities

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It’s Veterans Day, a day to remember those who have selflessly and courageously protected our country. And now stars are saluting those who have fought and continue to fight for our nation and freedoms. See celebrity tributes below.

Melissa Joan Hart posted a picture of Army tags on Instagram, along with the caption that read, “Thank you” and “Sending all my gratitude to all the veterans and their families today and always for protecting our freedoms and my family! Thinking of my grandfather and uncles who fought for our country and defended us in times of war and peace.#Thankyou #gratitude #veteran#GodBlessAmerica”

With a picture of herself holding an American flag, Wynonna Judd tweeted, “Hi, my name is Wynonna Judd & I am a Patriot. #VeteransDay.” The WWE’s Nikki Bella also posted a picture on Instagram of an American flag with the caption, “Thank you, veterans for all that you have sacrificed for our country. #VeteransDay.”

Wendy Williams tweeted a picture of a soldier saluting the American flag, with the message, “We honor all who served.” She added, “Thank you to the men and women who served & protected our great nation. #VeteransDay.” And John Cena noted on Twitter, “Today we honor all those who have served, sacrificed, and stood for the freedoms that are the heart and soul of America. #VeteransDay.”

Nick Cannon posted on Instagram the poster from his movie American Son, with the caption, “Happy Veterans Day to all the men and women who serve and served for our country. Forever humbled by your service… #Honor #Respect. If you want to see a powerful military story watch American Son. Was an honor to portray this role.”

Ludacris also put up a picture of the American flag with the words, “Honoring all who served. Thank you for your service. Veterans day.” And Mario Lopez captioned a photo of the stars and stripes, “Thank you to all who have fought & sacrificed to protect our freedom. It’s a privilege to honor service men/women today… #VeteransDaySalute #GodBless.” Alongside a picture of her sister, who’s a veteran, Janel Parrish thanked, “Happy Veteran’s Day to my brave and beautiful sister. I love you! SEE YOU SOON.”

Alongside a picture that said “Veterans Day. Honoring all who serve,” Lea Michele tweeted, “Remembering everyone who served our country today…Thank you.” Vanessa Hudgens tweeted, “Much love to all you brave soldiers for all that you do and have done for our country. #VeteransDay.”

President of the United States, Barack Obama tweeted “Today, we honor the incredible men and women who have served our country. Their sacrifice and selflessness is second to none.” Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hilary Clinton followed POTUS’s lead tweeting, “On Veterans Day, to all who have served—you deserve our gratitude, respect, and the best care and benefits in the world. -H”

Donald Trump kept his message short and sweet tweeting, “Happy Veterans Day. To those who have served, thank you for your special work.” As did Connie Britton who simply tweeted, “Veterans…thank you!!!”

Tiger Woods tweeted a picture of his veteran father, thanking him and all over veterans, “To Pops and all the veterans who have gone down range or are currently down range..We thank you for your selfless dedication and service to this great country.” Ryan Seacrest also thanked his father and grandfather who are both veterans, “Thank u to all our veterans, especially two near to my heart- my pops Lieutenant Gary Seacrest & grandpa Major General Henry Skeen. Thank u”

Kris Jenner put up a picture of a soldier holding a child’s hand that said, “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude,” along with the caption, “Thank you soldiers, veterans, heroes. #veteransday.” Blake Shelton tweeted a picture of his father who served in the Korean war, and said, “I hope everyone honors this Veterans Day today. So important.” Shelton then proceeded to retweet fans who shared pictures of the veterans in their families.

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