Stars Slam Cannes Film Festival For Allegedly Turning Away Women Not Wearing Heels

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Cannes Film Festival High Heels

By Shari Weiss |

Cannes Film Festival High Heels

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Stars are slamming the Cannes International Film Festival for allegedly requiring women to wear high heels in order to attend premieres.

As Gossip Cop has reported, the annual event is a mix of film screenings and extravagant parties, often tied together with glamorous red carpets before each movie premieres. But on Sunday, some women alleged they were turned away from the Carol screening because they were not wearing high heels. Security are said to have forbidden the attendees from entering due to a supposed dress code. Amy director Asif Kapadia also tweeted that his heels-less wife was initially not permitted into his documentary’s premiere on Saturday for that reason.

Asked about the controversy during a Cannes press conference on Tuesday, Emily Blunt (pictured above right) called the situation “very disappointing, obviously.” “Everyone should wear flats, to be honest, at the best of times” said the actress, who is at the fest to premiere Sicario. “You kind of think that there’s these new waves of equality.”

Jessica Chastain was also upset about the incident, and retweeted comments from Hollywood activist Melissa Silverstein, who wrote, “Oh Cannes just when u were making some progress then u turn away women wearing flats to the premiere of Carol about lesbians in 1952?” Silverstein added in another tweet, “I say in protest for heelgate every woman on the red carpet tonight should wear flats and storm the door. F*ck ridiculous protocol.”

Amid the ongoing outcry, Thierry Fremaux, the director of the Cannes Film Festival, took to Twitter to insist there isn’t any official rule about heels. “Not all he,” he wrote, calling the claims “unfounded.” Fremaux further tweeted, “For the stairs, the regulations have not changed: ‘No smoking, formal wear.’ There is no mention of heels.” Still, some are already deeming the debacle “Shoegate,” “Flatgate,” and “Heelgate.” What do you think of the controversy?


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