Stars React To Winter Storm Jonas – See Celebrity Reactions To Blizzard

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Stars React Winter Storm Jonas

By Andrew Shuster |

Stars React Winter Storm Jonas

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Winter Storm Jonas, which many meteorologists are predicting to be one of the worst blizzards in years, is headed for the East coast. Many stars are reacting on Twitter to the potentially historic snowstorm. See celebrity reactions below.

The Jonas Brothers couldn’t help but weigh in given the name of the storm. Nick joked, “So… Winter storm JONAS is coming. This is awkward.” Joe posted a photo of his face superimposed onto Princess Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, along with the caption, “Here I come.” Meanwhile, Kevin superimposed himself into a news channel’s weather report, and added, “Here we go.” Brad Paisley poked fun at the former boy band as well, writing, “If you think winter storm Jonas is something, wait til you see winter storm Hanson.”

Katie Couric tweeted that she was “in Southern California and missing (well, missing, not missing) the snow in the East and my home state of Virginia so send me your snowpics!” Patricia Heaton also looked on the bright side of a heavy snowfall, writing, “A bit envious of all those hunkering down for the weekend snowstorm…visions of fireplaces, hot chocolate and old movies.”

Steve Martin jumped the gun a bit, saying, “Oh my God, the snow! It’s incredible! [looking out window] Hang on, maybe tomorrow.” Arsenio Hall noted, “I’m in Washington DC. 75 million people in the path of an epic storm. Why am I here? I’m a master of good timing.” And a concerned Patricia Arquette said, “East coasters I hope you are all warm and safe through this storm.”

Noting how blizzards are often hyped up but often underwhelm, Emmy Rossum wrote, “Getting my snow boots, hats and mittens ready for #winterstormjonas!!!! This better not be a fake-out.” David Spade shared a similar sentiment, joking, “Every few days theres a lunar eclipse or meteor shower or storm that only comes around every 70+ years.”

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