Stars, Fans React After Venus Williams Loses 2017 Wimbledon Final

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Venus Williams Loses Wimbledon

By Shari Weiss |

Venus Williams Loses Wimbledon

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Stars and fans alike are reacting after Venus Williams lost the 2017 Wimbledon Women’s Final on Saturday. The tennis superstar was defeated by Garbine Muguruza. See reaction below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Williams previously won the 2015 Wuhan Open against Muguruza when the Spanish player was forced to retire due to an injury. But now Muguruza came back with a vengeance to win Wimbledon for the first time. She previously competed for the title in 2015, against Williams’ sister Serena. Serena actually scored back to back Wimbledon victories in 2015 and 2016, but declined to participate in this year’s tournament due to her pregnancy.

Williams was seeded 10th in the competition while Muguruza was ranked 14th. The former, who was looking for her sixth Wimbledon win and was the oldest female finalist in more than two decades, proved a formidable opponent at first but struggled against Muguruza as their match went on. As we previously noted, Williams was competing in the wake of her involvement in car crash that led to the death of a 78-year-old man, and she broke down about the situation at a Wimbledon press conference earlier this month.

Over the last few rounds, no one was a bigger cheerleader for Williams on social media than Star Jones, who live-tweeted most of the games, including today’s final. She tweeted after the outcome, “Congrats to #GarbineMuguruza for playing some excellent #tennis today. Sending major kudos to @Venuseswilliams on her @wimbledon run!” Caitriona Balfe commented, “Class act @Venuseswilliams and congratulations @GarbiMuguruza What a match.” Roland Martin remarked, “Give Muguruza credit. She came out and took it to @venuseswilliams the way she used to do to others! Venus is still a great champion!”

“Awe man, I’m bummed for @Venuseswilliams,” said Lindsey Vonn, adding, “Keep going girl, you have more in you still!” Rosie Perez exclaimed, “Congrats @GarbiMuguruza! Much respect @Venuseswilliams!!!! #Wimbledon2017 #Tennis.” Fellow tennis player Pam Shriver posted, “Over 20 years of admiring @Venuseswilliams, her resiliency, grit, joy of tennis and sportsmanship has been top shelf. #nevergiveup.” Another player, Jarmila Wolfe‏, expressed, “Seeing @Venuseswilliams sad face is breaking my heart !!! You are and always will be amazing champion on and off the court!!!”

Tennis podcaster Ben Rothenberg wrote, “Feel for Venus, but she didn’t need to win to validate anything. She’s shown all year she remains a transcendent, ageless champ.” Tennis writer Hannah Wilks said, “The exceptional grace that Venus Williams can muster at her most disappointed & heartbroken is something that goes beyond sport, for me.” And Newsday sports editor Ryan Gerbosi declared, “Venus is still a legend.”

Singer Flint Bedrock posted, “Me watching #Wimbledon women final … Venus just crashed out! Well done to Muguruza, played brilliantly.” Sports reporter Matt Dowell announced, “Let it be known: Venus Williams is an timeless champion. 37 years old with an autoimmune disease & still making Grand Slam finals.” CNN commentator Keith Boykin also said, “A sad ending for Venus Williams today, but she still made history as the oldest woman to compete in the Wimbledon finals.”

Fan @atkinsonfasho tweeted, “Yes, we were all rooting for you Venus. And we will keep rooting for you until you decide to stop.” And another, @mattielicka, pointed out, “The fact that Venus even made it to the Final at her age and in light of the crap going on is a victory in itself, well done V.” Gossip Cop congratulates both Williams and Muguruza on their exemplary play.

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