Stars React To SeaWorld Ending Orca Whale Breeding – See Celebrity Reactions

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SeaWorld Whale Breeding Stars React

By Andrew Shuster |

SeaWorld announced on Thursday that it would be ending its orca breeding program, meaning that the killer whales currently in captivity at the animal theme park will be the last generation to perform in aquatic shows. Now, stars are reacting to the news. See celebrity tweets below!

Pamela Anderson, an outspoken animal rights activist, described the decision as a “defining moment.” Sam Clafin tweeted, “Some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time! #freewilly.” Cher, however, wasn’t in nearly as celebratory of a mood. The referred to the SeaWorld as the “Donald Trump of Water Parks,” and added, “BRAVO YOURE ONLY GOING 2 TORTURE WHALES YOUVE’ BEEN TORTURING..UNTIL THEY’RE DEAD.”

Meanwhile, Josh Gad made note of two of Thursday’s big events. The actor wrote, “In honor of #StPatricksDay & the end of whale breeding at #SeaWorld, I’m going to drink a bottle of Jamison while watching Star Trek IV,” referring to that film, which includes a storyline about humpback whales. And “Billy on the Street” host Billy Eichner joked, “Sea World can do what it wants, I will continue to breed killer whales for private performances thank you.”

Ronan Farrow said, “SeaWorld making a big post-Blackfish change: no more orca breeding.” But the journalist then posted a link to his interview with the organization’s CEO, and noted, “There’s a catch.” The drawback he’s referring to is that, while SeaWorld no longer breed killer whales, it won’t be ending its orca shows. and with some killer whales living up to 50 years, they could still be confined in the park for quite some time. Also noting the progress, but keeping this point in mind, was Jason Biggs, who wrote, “YES. Almost there.” Gossip Cop will update as more stars react to SeaWorld ending its orca whale breeding program.


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