Stars React: Malia Obama Pot Smoking Video – Celebrity Reactions

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Malia Obama Pot

By Michael Lewittes |

Malia Obama Pot

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Malia Obama was filmed allegedly smoking pot at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago last month, and now stars are reacting to the video emerging on Wednesday of her puffing away. See celebrity reaction as well as Twitter users commenting on the First Daughter seemingly smoking marijuana.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Obama took heat for skipping the Democratic National Convention to attend Lollapalooza. And while more people attacked Obama then for bailing on the convention, where both her parents spoke, the teen’s apparent pot smoking has garnered more support.

Montel Williams tweeted, “Leave Malia Obama alone. Yes for you sensitive folks, said same about Bush daughters, Chelsea, Reagan’s kids and Amy Carter. Your move.” Zach Braff joked, “Try to find a picture of me at Malia Obama’s age NOT high.” And Meghan McCain similarly expressed, “Leave Malia Obama alone!” And “Family Guy” writer Damien Fahey felt, “Malia Obama was caught smoking pot. Man, just when you thought that family couldn’t get any cooler!”

Meanwhile, another Twitter user wrote, “It’s really not a big deal for Malia Obama to be smoking weed but her friends are TRASH for posting a video that shows her doing it.” “Malia Obama is out smoking weed and going to Harvard next year meanwhile y’all smoking weed and can’t get out ya moms basement,” added another person. And yet one more supporter mocked, “Breaking: According to my sources Malia Obama is a teenager. More as this develops.”

Whether Obama was actually smoking weed or not, there’s no chance of her getting in trouble with the law. It is not illegal in Illinois to smoke pot.


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