Stars React To Mad Men Finale – See Celebrity Reaction To Show’s Last Episode

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Mad Men celeb reactions

By Minyvonne Burke |

Mad Men celeb reactions


“Mad Men” aired its very last episode Sunday night, leaving fans and critics with a mix of emotions. After seven seasons of being one of AMC’s most-watched shows, the period drama came to end with a series finale titled, “Person to Person.” Throughout the entire hour-long finale, fans and celebrities tweeted their reactions to the show coming to an end.

“Please say the Mad Men Finale is 25 hours long!!! #MadMenFinale #gonnamissit,” tweeted comedian Kristen Schaal. Colin Jost, the “Weekend Update” anchor and head writer of “Saturday Night Live,” wrote, “Whoa. Last time we get these Mad Men credits.” Judy Blume, wrote before the finale even aired that she was already getting teary-eyed. “Two hours to go until final episode of #MadMen. Will any of us be able to sleep tonight? I’m weepy just thinking about saying goodbye,” she wrote. John Hodgman posted, “That Mad Men was bravely old fashioned, bringing earned, heartbreaking/warming conclusions to characters we love. Like an old time TV show.”

Artie Lang, noted, “So Don Draper goes to a hippie retreat to find the biggest ad campaign ever? Not bad. Gonna miss Mad Men.” And Fault In Our Stars author John Green had a lot to say about the “Mad Men” finale, writing in a series of tweets, “That was a pretty great hour of television. Why I liked the Man Men finale: To me it was always a clever (but not great) show about the ascent of clever (but not great) content.”

Lorde also loved the finale, tweeting, “WHAT A SHOW… mad men, thanks for being the first to show that television could be truly rich and TRULY magnificent. I’ll love you forever.” Judd Apatow, posted, “Man Men was amazing. Thanks to everyone who was part of it. It is one of my favorite shows of all time. So sad to see it end.”

While a majority of fans loved the “Mad Men” finale, some people felt it didn’t live up to its expectation. Comedian Lizz Winstead simply tweeted, “boring #MadMenFinale,” and writer Andy Greenwald wrote, “MAD MEN is one of my favorite shows of all time. I loved it this morning, I love it now. But I thought that finale was unambiguously awful.” Tell us what you thought about the “Mad Men” finale.


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