Stars React To Jon Stewart Leaving ‘The Daily Show’: DON’T GO!

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Jon Stewart Leaving Daily Show Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Jon Stewart Leaving Daily Show Reaction

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Don’t go! That seems to be the general reaction in the wake of the news that Jon Stewart is leaving “The Daily Show.” As Gossip Cop reported, Stewart made the announcement during Tuesday’s taping, and Comedy Central then released a statement confirming his upcoming departure.

While no date for his exit has been set, celebrities are already taking to Twitter to lament Stewart’s decision to step down after 17 years. Andy Cohen, for instance, tweeted, “Say it ain’t so, Jon Stewart!!!!! don’t go don’t go!!” Alyssa Milano wrote, “No!!! Jon Stewart can’t retire from The Daily Show!!” Chris Rock similarly said, “Noo don’t go.”

Eva Longoria wrote on Twitter, “So sad #JonStewart is leaving the @DailyShow! My nights will never be the same!” Hugh Laurie commented, “Devastated that Jon Stewart is standing down. The thin comic line is breached and the barbarians are upon us.” Mario Lopez exclaimed, “Jon Stewart Leaving @TheDailyShow?! Not acceptable.. Seriously.”

“WOW…So bummed!” said fellow TV personality Carson Daly. Craig Ferguson, who recently departed the “Late Late Show,” wrote, “Congratulations to Jon Stewart on an extraordinary groundbreaking run.” Tom Arnold observed, “Jon Stewart has had an amazing run but I was not shocked because of the way his eyes lit up every time he joked about playing with his kids.”

Patton Oswalt fired off a series of tweets, including, “So, we have to navigate the poop-dipped trainwreck of the 2016 election WITHOUT Jon Stewart hosting @TheDailyShow? Hmmm…” Referencing the former host of “The Daily Show,” he further tweeted, “Somewhere, Craig Kilborn’s eyes just snapped open like Lobot,” and then added, “I wish there was a “Phone Call Montage” app for what must an EPIC frenzy of calls between NYC/LA comedian’s agents right now. #JonStewart.”

“I KNEW WHEN JON STEWART LEFT TO DIRECT THAT MOVIE HE WAS GONNA TRY SOMETHING LIKE THIS,” declared Mindy Kaling, referring to Stewart’s “Daily Show” sabbatical so he could helm the film Rosewater. “Glee” star Harry Shum Jr. commented, “NOOOOOO Jon Stewart!! We shall tie you to that chair until they can find someone who can fill your shoes. #bigshoestofill.” And Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 joked, “I’m sorry about Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show. It was my idea.”

The news came shortly before it was revealed Brian Williams was suspended from “NBC Nightly News,” and Tom Bergeron couldn’t help but tie the two events together. “I think I know what’s happening. Jon Stewart is leaving to teach Brian Williams how to anchor a fake news show that people actually trust,” he wrote. Michael Ian Black also connected the developments, tweeting, “Big day in the media: two tellers of fake news departing.”

Anderson Cooper expressed shock, writing, “Wow, #JonStewart leaving @TheDailyShow,” while his former CNN colleague Piers Morgan threw in some shade, saying, “Jon Stewart quitting? Good timing. He was beginning to be eclipsed by John Oliver. This way, he can leave on a high.” And Billy Eichner joked that Bill Cosby would be Stewart’s replacement. Gossip Cop will have updates. Are you sad Stewart is leaving “The Daily Show”?


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