Stars React To Hulk Hogan N-Word Controversy – See Celebrity Reactions

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stars react Hulk Hogan N-word

By Minyvonne Burke |

stars react Hulk Hogan N-word

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Stars are reacting to Hulk Hogan repeatedly using the N-word at the end of his now-infamous sex tape with Heather Clem and during a 2012 radio interview. See the celebrity reactions below.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, the WWE erased virtually every mention of the wrestler from its site Thursday night after it emerged that Hogan could allegedly be heard in an X-rated tape he made ranting about his daughter Brooke Hogan’s dating life. At one point during the tape, Hogan reportedly calls himself a “racist” before using the N-word over and over. Earlier on Friday, there was also a leaked 2012 radio interview in which Hogan can be heard repeatedly saying “n*gga.” That audio, however, is not what led the WWE to erase the star from its site.

DJ Whoo Kid, who interviewed Hulk during the radio show, defended the wrestler, tweeting, “Nothing racist about that @HulkHogan 2012 interview I did. He was just explaining the usage of the Nword amongst his rapper friends and WWF. to me @HulkHogan is the coolest and will always be the reason why I watched professional wrestling #legend.” Charlamagne Tha God also tweeted about that radio interview, writing, “Man yall tripping. That Hulk Hogan audio isn’t racist at all. If this audio of Hulk Hogan we got is the actual audio that got people tripping then nah. It’s gotta be some other audio out there.”

Talib Kweli, noted about the leaked audio, “Not Hulk Hogan too damn.” He added in another tweet, “The preemptive distancing of Hogan by WWE proves that mainstream America is completely clueless about when & how ‘nigga’ is an issue. Just listened to Hogans supposed ‘racist’ rant. Nah. WWE tripping. I’m kind of mad at myself for caring about what Hulk Hogan has to say at all.” And John Legend posted, “Well we are talking about a fake competition where the outcome is scripted. The HOF isn’t really saying much.” Dennis Rodman also commented on the incident, trying to get other celebrities to rally behind Hogan. He tweeted, “Lets lend our support to the Hulkster @HulkHogan who most certainly is not a racist @Scottiepippen @MagicJohnson @Shaq @MikeTyson. I’ve known @HulkHogan for 25 years. There isn’t a racist bone in that mans body.”

While some celebrities seemed torn on the incident, others quickly took to Twitter to slam Hogan. “The Real” co-host Loni Love tweeted, “#BillCosby & #HulkHogan have destroyed my 80’s childhood.” Twilight actress Tinsel Korey said, “First Bill Cosby, now #HulkHogan, who’s next? My little pony? Care bears? Big Bird?!? Whole childhood ruined. Lol.” Gossip Cop will continue to have updates on celebrity reactions.


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