Celebrities React: Gene Wilder Dead – ‘Willy Wonka’ Star Dies At 83

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Gene Wilder Dead Celebrity Reaction

By Michael Lewittes |

Gene Wilder Dead Celebrity Reaction

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Gene Wilder died, and now stars are reacting to the comedic actor’s death. Wilder, who played the lead role in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and was a staple in several Mel Brooks films, including Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and The Producers, died at 83 from Alzheimer’s disease. See celebrities’ reactions and tributes below.

Quoting an iconic line from Willy Wonka, Ricky Gervais wrote, “‘Good Day Sir!’ RIP Gene Wilder.” Dave Navarro said, “Gene Wilder was such a HUGE part of my childhood!!! Thanks for everything Gene! You made a massive difference to millions.” Gilbert Gottfried simply stated, “RIP Gene Wilder.” And Elizabeth Banks noted, “I just bought a vintage Blazing Saddles poster. 3 days ago. Gene Wilder made my [heart] dance – you bad, and now may you rest in peace.”

Jim Carrey expressed, “Gene Wilder was one of the funniest and sweetest energies ever to take a human form. If there’s a heaven he has a Golden Ticket.” Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel said, “Gene Wilder was the best,” and Snoop Dogg added, “R. I. P. Gene wilder. Richard pryors right hand man.” Chris Rock wrote, “Willy Wonka was a great movie but blazing saddles is the best thing he ever did. He will be missed.”

Film critic Richard Roeper expressed, “Gene Wilder had a sweetness and a comedic grace befitting a Silent Film era star. R.I.P.” Rob Lowe wrote, “Gene Wilder as one of my earliest heroes. Blazing Saddles, Willy Wonka, are CLINICS on comic acting. Sad to hear of his passing.” Alyssa Milano tweeted a broken a heart emoji, along with the caption, “Rest in Peace, Gene Wilder.”.” And Sarah Silverman felt, “Hilarious & heartbreaking in the very same moment. #RIP beautiful Gene Wilder there was & will never be anyone like you

Meanwhile, Freddie Prinze Jr. stated, “I just read my Willy Wonka passed away. #RIPower Gene Wilder.” Rob Thomas wrote, “R.I.P. Gene Wilder. You beautiful hilarious man.” Lori Petty noted, “RIP baby xx Jerome Silberman (7/11/1933 – 8/29/2016) known professionally as Gene Wilder, icon and sweetheart!” And Zelda Williams tweeted, “R.I.P to the incomparable Gene Wilder. You filled so many childhoods, mine included, with wonder, laughter & joy. Thank you.”

Patton Oswalt wrote, “Good job maintaining your sh*ttiness, 2016.” Zach Braff similarly noted, “RIP to the legendary Gene Wilder. 2016 has been painful so far.” Russell Crowe offered, “I saw Blazing Saddles 7 times at the cinema with my school friends . George St. Cows outside. Gene Wilder you were a genius. Rest in Peace.” Josh Groban said, “Thank you Gene Wilder for the wonderful, the weird, the pure imagination. One of my greatest heroes.”

Marc Maron tweeted, “Oh, no. Gene Wilder. Seriously one of the funniest humans ever. Sad. RIP.” Albert Brooks said, “R.I.P Gene Wilder. As funny as they come,” while Josh Gad wrote, “The greatest comedic mind of my childhood is now gone. #RIP #GeneWilder & thank you 4 your pure imagination. This one hits hard.” And Ben Stiller added, “Gene Wilder. Best ever at what he did.”

John Cena said, “RIP #GeneWilder absolute master. Brilliant in so many ways. His life’s work is timeless and everlasting.” Olivia Wilde wrote, “Thanks for stopping by Earth for a while,” while Harry Connick Jr. conveyed, “So sad to learn of the passing of my good friend, gene wilder… such an incredible man… i’ll miss you.”

Billy Crystal said, “Gene Wilder was a giant of comedy. His legacy of films is inspiring. A true genius..” Julia Louis-Dreyfus offered, “RIP dear, wonderful Gene Wilder. What an influence you were in my life. Thank you for all that joy.” Conan O’Brien wrote, “It was a true honor to talk to Gene Wilder. He was an unusually brilliant and sweet comic artist.” And Steve Martin expressed, “Goodbye, Gene Wilder. You were one of the great screen comedians. Original and surprising every time.”

And Wilder’s frequent collaborator Mel Brooks expressed, “Gene Wilder – One of the truly great talents of our time. He blessed every film we did with his magic & he blessed me with his friendship.” See more stars we lost this year in the gallery below.


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