Stars React To Alan Rickman Dead — See Celebrity Reaction And Twitter Tributes

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Alan Rickman Stars React

By Michael Lewittes |

Alan Rickman Stars React

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Alan Rickman passed away from cancer on Thursday, and now stars are reacting to his death. As Gossip Cop reported earlier, the actor and director died peacefully at the age of 69 while surrounded by family and friends. See celebrity reactions and tributes below.

Referencing some of Rickman’s most famous roles, Taran Killam tweeted, “Long Live Snape. And Hans Gruber. And Sheriff of Nottingham. #saddestweek.” Katie Couric posted, “Woke up in Palo Alto w/ news of Alan Rickman’s death . Loved him. First David Bowie and now Alan Rickman. Very sad week. RIP.” And Stephen Fry commented, “What desperately sad news about Alan Rickman. A man of such talent, wicked charm & stunning screen & stage presence. He’ll be sorely missed.”

Eddie Izzard declared, “I do not want my heroes to die! Alan Rickman is dead & he was another hero. Alan – thank you for being with us. We are sorry you had to go.” Rosie Perez called the actor’s passing “very sad,” noting, “Loved his work. Another great gone too soon.” Sam Claflin simply said, “Completely lost for words. #AlanRickman #legend #RIP.”

“The spectacular Alan Rickman passed away… One of my favorite actors of all time. Thank you for your gifts. RIP,” tweeted Debra Messing. Using “#HansGruber” as a hashtag, Charlie Sheen posted, “We lost a genius today, Alan Rickman. This gentleman redefined the big screen villain, forever. RIP.” Connie Britton shared, “Alan Rickman you were a lovely soul and a brilliant actor. I am fortunate to have known you and will miss you with the world.”

Leah Remini posted on Instagram, “Our industry lost one of its best talents. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Alan Rickman, RIP.” Steven Yeun tweeted, “RIP Alan Rickman.” Piers Morgan remarked, “David Bowie dead from cancer at 69. Now Alan Rickman dead from cancer at 69. Two great talents, one bloody awful disease.”

Mia Farrow wrote on Twitter, “Everyone who knew Alan Rickman- or worked with him or watched his brilliant performances, feels this awful loss.” She went on, “Such a lovely, kind, generous, funny and brilliant man. Thank you Alan Rickman for that and for so many flawless performances.” Meanwhile, Emmy Rossum quoted the late star, tweeting, “Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theatre, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. — Alan Rickman.”

“I can’t believe #AlanRickman is gone. Not a fan of this week. RIP,” said Josh Gad. Hugh Jackman shared, “Alan Rickman. Incredible actor and director. Above all, the most generous, funny, loving friend to us. @Deborra_lee and I will miss you so.” Selma Blair posted, “RIP Alan Rickman. You were the voice, the stage, the film, the actor, and you will be missed truly.”

Jamie Lee Curtis expressed, “Oscar noms out. Couldn’t care as Alan Rickman is gone & could have done every job on those movies as well, women included. Stunning talent.” Eliza Dushku tweeted, “Sir #AlanRickman………? An honor to share scenes, talks, experiences w/this extraordinary man, stunned & deeply saddened at this moment.” And Patricia Heaton stated, “A huge loss – Alan Rickman RIP. What an actor.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar posted, “#RIPAllanRickman from #senseandsensibility to #DieHard to #HarryPotter to #LoveActually you were truly one of my favorite actors ever!!” Boy George said, “Goodbye Alan Rickman. You were genius in Harry Potter.” Jay Pharoah exclaimed, “Damn, just damn :( R.I.P Alan Rickman.” Seth Meyers tweeted, “There are few things I enjoyed more than watching Alan Rickman sigh in a movie. RIP.”

“Ahh man no more sudden losses of beloved Brit artists, I can only handle so much,” wrote Darren Criss. “Alan Rickman, you were THE MAN. What a great career! RIP.” William Shatner commented, “Sad to learn of the passing of Alan. Snape was a deliciously acted character that I loved to hate. #bygraptharshammer.” Chloe Grace Moretz admitted, “In complete shock that Alan Rickman has passed.. What a talent, RIP,” while Elijah Wood told followers, “Such a fine actor. Sad to hear about the passing of Alan Rickman.”

CBGB co-star Malin Akerman wrote, “Feel so lucky to have worked with the legendary #alanrickman. May your continued journey take you to extraordinary places. #gonetoosoon #rip.” Anna Kendrick mentioned other parts, tweeting, “Hans, The Sheriff of Nottingham, Dr. Lazarus, Harry, Snape. Damn. Alan Rickman will leave a hole in my heart. F*ck Cancer.” Luke Evan said on his Facebook page, “Very sad to hear the news of Alan Rickman Passing. Brilliant actor. True inspiration. 69 is too young. ‪#‎RIP.”‬

“no no no Alan Rickman :'(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( rest in peace :(,” tweeted Ariana Grande. Julianne Moore stated to her followers, “I will miss the great Alan Rickman.” Larry King said, “I loved Alan Rickman. Great interviewee & tremendous actor. Played villain or hero equally well! He will be missed.” Katherine Heigl confessed on Instagram, “Bereft over the passing of a man I had never met but who I felt I knew. I fell in love with him in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and was inspired and thrilled with every performance and every story he was a part of telling from there on out. I will miss his effortless talent, wit and magic. #RIPAlanRickman.”

And on Facebook, George Takeis tribute said, “Potter fans worldwide mourn the loss of Alan Rickman, a brilliant actor who made Professor Snape so very memorable. Reading this, I recall how his film career was so varied and accomplished. Thank you, Mr. Rickman, for many decades of entertainment. Rest among the stars.” He added, “A truly magical artist is returned to the heavens today. We shall miss you, Mr. Rickman.” Gossip Cop will continue to add more celebrity reactions to Rickman’s death.


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