Stars React To New Adele Song “Hello” – See Celebrity Reactions

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Adele Hello Stars React

By Michael Lewittes |

Adele Hello Stars React

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Adele released “Hello,” her first single and music video off her album 25 on Friday morning, and now celebrity fans are reacting. “Hello” is the singer’s first single in more than three years. See star reactions to the much anticipated release below.

Along with a picture of a pillow covered in tears, Katy Perry tweeted, “Listen’s to ‘Hello’ from @OfficialAdele once :'(.” Zendaya congratulated the singer and wrote, “Ok @Adele, slay on.” And Sam Smith loved the music video so much, he posted a screenshot of the video on Instagram and said, “This look adele actually made me scream like a little girl.”

Chloe Grace Moretz confessed she wants more music from Adele as soon as possible tweeting, “My god, I need @Adele’s new album to be out already, so in love.” And Sean Kingston paid Adele one of the highest compliments, expressing, “Must say.. Adele new song ‘Hello’ is the best well written song I’ve heard in a minute!” Meanwhile, Denis Leary wrote, “New @adele song Hello is out. It’s so good I refuse to sing along to it. I’m gonna call @LizGillies and listen to HER sing along to it.”

Russell Crowe kept his praise for the single short and sweet, tweeting out a link to the music video with the message, “Huge song…love this girl.” And Ronan Farrow wrote, “Admire Adele, be in awe of Adele, probably do not give Adele your number.” Check out Adele’s music video for “Hello,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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