10 Stars With HIV (PHOTOS)

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magic johnson hiv

By Michael Lewittes |

magic johnson hiv

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Following the news that Charlie Sheen is set to reveal he’s HIV-positive, Gossip Cop is looking at 10 more stars who have also contracted the disease.

Sheen joins a list of stars who have gone public with their diagnosis, including most recently Danny Pintauro from the show “Who’s The Boss?” Pintauro, who revealed he is HIV positive to Oprah earlier this year, is now committed to bringing more awareness to the disease.

Among the first stars to reveal they had HIV was “Real World” cast member Pedro Zamora. Zamora, who was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease at 17, was open about his sexuality and AIDS diagnosis on the “Real World back in 1994, giving viewers an unprecedented look at the debilitating illness. Half-way through filming, Zamora’s health rapidly declined, and while he was able to finish the season, he passed away a few months later on November 11, 1994.

Similarly, NWA rapper Eazy-E shared his diagnosis with fans. The rapper was admitted to a hospital in February 1995 with what he believed to be asthma, but the singer soon found out he was HIV/AIDS positive. Eazy-E released a statement about his status the following month, but passed away two short weeks later on March 26th.

Thankfully these days, an HIV diagnosis no longer means a death sentence. While there is still no cure for AIDS, between recent progress with new medications and research, more than 15 years have been added to the average life expectancy of people with HIV. Some like Magic Johnson, who was diagnosed in 1991, are even lucky enough to no longer detect the virus in their blood.

Though Sheen will sit down for an interview on Tuesday’s “Today,” it remains to be seen how open he will be about his health. Click through the gallery to find out about more celebrities who are living with or contracted HIV.



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