Stars Share Happy Passover Wishes On Twitter

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Celebrities Passover

By Michael Lewittes |

Celebrities Passover

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As Jews across the world celebrate the beginning of Passover on Friday night, stars are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts and best wishes. The holiday, which lasts for eight days and has two back-to-back nights of Seders, commemorates the Israelites’ exodus and redemption from slavery in Egypt. During the holiday, Jews refrain from having bread and instead eat the unleavened matzah. Check out what the stars are saying on Twitter as the festival of Passover begins.

Andy Cohen tweeted a simple “Happy Passover,” as did Jon Favreau, Fran Drescher, Paula Abdul, and Kenya Moore. And Zach Braff wrote, “Happy Passover. Happy Good Friday. Happy Everything.” Similarly, La Toya expressed, “Blessed #GoodFriday! Happy #Passover to those celebrating! Happy #Easter & Have A Beautiful Grateful, Spiritual Weekend!”

Adrienne Maloof wished, “Happy #Passover to all who observe the beautiful Holiday! And Happy #Easter. I hope everyone gets to be with their friend’s & loved ones.” Michael McKean added, “Happy Passover, or as they called it at Bob Hope’s house, The Academy Awards. #DoesAnyoneGetThis?” And Rashida Jones tweeted, “Happy Passover and Happy Easter everybody!”

Michelle Trachtenberg also wished,Happy Passover!” adding, “L’chaim!” Hugh Jackman noted, “20 years ago today I met my amazing in-laws! Happy Good Friday. And Happy Passover.” And Glenn Beck stated, “As we Christians today, mark the suffering & death of Christ. Let us remember, He celebrated Passover first. Shabbat shalom. Happy Passover.”

Greg Grunberg exclaimed, “Happy Happy Happy! #Passover #GoodFriday & #Easter – Be safe & have a great weekend!” Don Rickles wrote, “To my Jewish friends pass the matzo & Happy Passover. To my Gentile friends Happy Easter & don’t forget to feed the rabbits! Happy Holidays.” Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo tweeted, “Happy Passover to all our Jewish Brothers and Sisters!” Gossip Cop will continue to update, but also wishes all who are celebrating a “Happy Passover!”


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