Stars Celebrate Easter 2017 – See Celebrity Tweets And Wishes

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easter Tweets 2017

By Shari Weiss |

easter Tweets 2017

(Josh Duhamel/Twitter)

It’s Easter Sunday 2017, and stars are sharing celebratory messages and happy wishes on Twitter. See celebrity tweets below!

Along with an old photo, Paul McCartney told his followers, “Have the happiest of Easters! #HappyEaster #EasterSunday.” Hugh Jackman went with a simple, “Happy Easter,” while Garth Brooks exclaimed, “The birth of LOVE! The birth of HOPE! What does Easter mean to YOU? Happy Easter! love, g.” Danica Patrick offered, “Happy Easter! Believe in things you can’t see…..because you can FEEL it!”

“Jesus was a Middle East Jewish man who preached love & tolerance. Except when it came to the money lenders. Good to remember. Happy Easter,” wrote Mark Ruffalo. With a picture of herself and several royals, Kate Walsh tweeted, “I love an Easter bonnet…and I’m in good company. Happy Easter!” Vivica Fox also said, “GM! Happy Blessed Easter from us at @Vivica_Fox_Hair.” With a pic of dyed but cracked eggs, Josh Gad said, “A very happy Easter to all of you, especially the raccoon who ate all of my daughters’ Easter eggs last night.”

Ricky Gervais posted, “He’s not dead after all! Now eat your eggs. Happy Easter.” Chris Harrison said, “Happy Easter #BachelorNation I hope you and your family have a blessed day.” Carrie Underwood, who tweeted a childhood photo of herself in an bunny costume, wrote to fans, “Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny brought you all some yummy treats!” With a photo comparing foot size, Shaquille O’Neal commented, “Me and the Easter bunny have similar hops because we both wear size 22 #HappyEaster.”

“Happy Easter ya bunch of goofs,” Josh Duhamel tweeted with the silly snap above. On Instagram, Sam Claflin posted a photo of a sign that said “Happy F#cking Easter.” He wrote in the caption, “Sometimes there’s just no better way to say it! Happy Easter one and all.” Back on Twitter, Kristin Chenoweth offered a bunch of rabbit-themed jokes, including, “I can’t help myself..what do you call a bunny who was raised in a hotel? An inn-grown hare.” Brad Paisley also quipped, “Happy Easter! He is risen. And by “he” I don’t mean a candy egg delivering plushy bunny.”

Ozzy Osbourne shared an old photo of himself dressed as the Easter bunny, wishing, “Happy #Easter!” Dolly Parton exclaimed, “He’s Alive! Happy Easter!” Inspired by Vanilla Ice, Patton Oswalt jokingly rapped, “If there’s a boiled egg/Yo, I’ll dye it/Check out the Bunny/while he goes and hides it (Christ Christ, baby).” More seriously, Khloe Kardashian told fans, “Happy Easter my loves! Let’s remember it was Jesus that had Risen to defeat sin once and for all. #ResurrectionSunday.” And along with childhood photos of her famous daughters, momager Kris Jenner wrote, “Happy Easter!! Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday.”

“Happy Easter! Thank you to Charlotte & Aidan’s Grandma for the Easter basket. We loved our post church egg hunt,” tweeted Chelsea Clinton. David Spade amusingly asked, “Is it weird that it’s Easter and I’m walking around looking for a Taco Bell?” Eva Longoria went with a straightforward, “Happy Easter everyone.”

Kendra Wilkinson encouraged, “Happy Easter everyone. Remember what this beautiful day represents. Let’s rise above all the madness n be thankful for our lives.” Nick Viall said, “Happy Easter everyone! God Bless #eastersunday.” Conan O’Brien joked, “My two favorite things about Easter morning are (1) hiding the eggs and (2) the looks on my kids’ faces when the snakes start to hatch.” And Chrissy Teigen actually wrote, “Happy Easter, everyone! Really. Except @realDonaldTrump.”

Speaking of President Trump, he tweeted, “Happy Easter to everyone!” His daughter Ivanka also wrote, “Happy Easter. Wishing you and your family a joyous and meaningful day!”

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