Stars Celebrate Presidents Day – See Celebrity Tweets!

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Stars Celebrate Presidents Day

By Andrew Shuster |

Stars Celebrate Presidents Day

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Stars are celebrating Presidents Day, a holiday in which Americans pay tribute to all of the U.S. presidents who’ve served our nation. See celebrity tweets below!

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted, “Happy Presidents Day,” along with a quote from Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address. Ellen DeGeneres also gave a shout out to President Lincoln by posting a photo of a little boy dressed like the former leader, complete with a large beard and top hat.

Gerard Butler used the holiday as an opportunity to promote his upcoming movie by posting a photo of himself in front of the Capitol Building, along with the caption, “Flashback to #OlympusHasFallen in DC… back at it soon for #LondonHasFallen. Happy #PresidentsDay, USA!” Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon wasn’t quite done celebrating Valentine’s Day. The actress posted a photo of herself holding heart-shaped cookies over her eyes, and wrote, “Post-Valentine’s Day mood; Happy #PresidentsDay.”

Katie Couric posted a link to an article featuring presidential trivia, and added, “For #PresidentsDay, here are some fun facts about Washington, Lincoln & more!” Chelsea Clinton saluted our current commander-in-chief by writing, “Happy Presidents Day President Obama! Thank you for your service & leadership for our country.”

A sincere, or possibly sarcastic, Colin Quinn expressed, “When I think of presidents day, I contemplate some of the great possibilities we have for the next pres! Exciting time to be alive, gang.” Rachael Ray posted a photo of a meal she prepared, and said, “Warm up this Presidents’ Day w my chicken cacciatore!” And finally, Kerry Washington simply stated, “Happy Presidents Day!” Gossip Cop will update as more stars celebrate Presidents Day.


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