Stars Celebrate Canada Day – 150th Birthday Tweets

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Canada Day 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Canada Day 2017

(Dean McDermott/Instagram)

It’s Canada Day on Saturday, the annual holiday recognizing the country’s birthday. This year marks the nation’s 150th anniversary, and a number of stars are celebrating on Twitter. See tweets from celebrities below!

The Constitution Act was signed on July 1, 1867, uniting three British colonies into a dominion called Canada. The commemoration was originally known as Dominion Day, before being changed to Canada Day in 1982. That was the year the Canada Act was signed, solidifying Canada’s independence from Britain.

In celebration of the occasion, President Donald Trump tweeted, “Happy Canada Day to all of the great people of Canada and to your Prime Minister and my new found friend @JustinTrudeau. #Canada150.” Vancouver-raised Ryan Reynolds joked, “150 is nothing. It’s like, Robert Pattinson’s age in the Twilight Movies. Happy Birthday I guess. #Canada150.” Will Arnett sincerely wished, “Happy Canada Day to ALL Canadians. Thank you @JustinTrudeau for celebrating diversity and inclusion. #Canada150.”

Cobie Smulders wrote, Happy Birthday Canada! Thanks for being an amazing place to grow up and continually a place I’m proud to call my homeland. #Canada150.” Carrie Underwood tweeted an amusing gif of Smulders’ alter ego, Robin Sparkles, singing, “Gonna rock your body till Canada Day!” Keith Urban exclaimed, “Happy Canada Day!!!” Both of Justin Bieber’s parents marked the milestone, with Pattie Mallette writing, “Happy 150th birthday Canada!! Celebrating you today. Thank you for being you. You will be home to me forever!! Love love love.” With more than a dozen flag emojis, Seth Rogen posted, “Happy Canada Day to everyone and happy 150th birthday to my homeland!”

“Happy Canada Day to my friends who are celebrating 150 years,” Melissa Joan Hart said on both Twitter and Instagram. Michael J. Fox wrote on Twitter, “Can you say sesquicentennial? I knew you could. Happy birthday Canada #Canada150.” Standout Canadian singer Shania Twain said, “Special one today #Canada150.” An enthusiastic Jacob Tremblay, whose account is monitored by his parents, sent a message blaring, “HAPPY 150TH BIRTHDAY CANADA! #BENICE #CANADADAY #150YEARSSTRONG.” Russell Crowe offered, “Happy Canada Day to the true north strong and free.”

Jay Baruchel was introspective, writing, “150 years ago, an idea took shape. Blemished, imperfect, evolving, Canada is still the best country the world has come up with so far.” Shawn Mendes posted, “Happy Canada day!!!” Chris Harrison told fans, “Happy Canada day to #BachelorNation up north. You’ve been so good to us.” William Shatner tweeted in French, “Comme le Canada célébrera 150e anniversaire, je souhaite à tous une bonne fête du Canada!” Anna Paquin also expressed, “#HappyCanadaDay #Canada150th spent many glorious months this past year working in my birth country, feeling love 4 #cancon #Canadian film/TV.”

And in one of the most spirited social media celebrations Dean McDermott posted, “On the streets or in the sheets, I’m a proud Canadian! Join me in celebrating #Canada150 by showing your #RedAndWhite today!” The actor shared a video on Twitter of himself wearing several Canada-themed shirts, and then going to bed with wife Tori Spelling, only for Christmas-style lights to flicker on in the nation’s signature colors. McDermott also put the above photo on Instagram. Spelling shared the video on Twitter, too, writing, “My man & hockey gear, such a Canadian Eh! Join him in wishing Canada a happy 150th birthday Show ur #RedAndWhite.”

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