Stars Celebrate April Fools’ Day – See Celebrity Tweets!

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Stars Celebrate React April Fools Day

By Andrew Shuster |

Stars Celebrate React April Fools Day


It’s April Fools’ Day, and stars are both celebrating and reacting to the holiday known for pranks and practical jokes. See celebrity tweets below!

Ellen DeGeneres posted a superimposed photo of Queen Elizabeth II as a guest on her talk show, and wrote, “Today on my show, the one, the only, Her Majesty the Queen of England! Cheerio!” She then revealed in a follow-up tweet, “April bloody fools! The Queen of England isn’t here today, but the Queen of Daytime is.”

Still annoyed over having been fooled before, Ryan Seacrest noted, “Ever since I got my hopes up for that N*SYNC reunion, I won’t fall for any #AprilFools… trust no one.” Meanwhile, David Spade offered his idea of a prank, saying, “This morning i got on the elevator and pressed the up button instead of the down button april fools.” Lena Dunahm wrote, “For April Fool’s Day I let go of my fear of pleasing others. Then today I was like ‘tricked you, I am still very worried what you think!'”

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah expressed, “Everything is April Fools day,” while Albert Brooks commented, “Every April Fools’ Day joke I can think of is actually happening.” Sarah Hyland warned, “I trust no one today. So back off.” And Victoria Justice tweeted, “Happy April Fools day! Got any tricks up your sleeves?”

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Gwen Stefani celebrated the holiday by announcing a fake pregnancy, Netflix became a shrine to John Stamos, and YouTube launched SnoopaVision, a supposed new feature that allows viewers to watch videos with Snoop Dogg. Gossip Cop will update as more stars celebrate and react to April Fools’ Day.


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