Celebrity “Star Wars” Fans React To “Force Awakens” Trailer – See Tweets!

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Star Wars Trailer Celebrity Reactions

By Andrew Shuster |

Star Wars Trailer Celebrity Reactions


Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens debuted its new trailer on Monday night, sending fans into a frenzy on social media. Among those fans to tweet about the trailer included some major celebrities. See star reactions below!

Howard Stern referenced George Lucas stepping down from the director’s chair for the first time, tweeting, “I think JJ Abrams is gonna save the franchise.” Chris Pratt wrote, “I think it looks absolutely awesome. So pumped for #StarWars! Plus I’m down for anything with #OscarIsaac.” Rob Lowe was so impressed by the footage, he said, “The PR team behind the new #StarWars should run this entire country.”

“American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks tweeted, “I have chills!!! #TheForceAwakens clip during halftime???!? I’m soooooo stoked to go see it!!!!” Joking about movie ticket site Fandango crashing after the Star Wars tickets went on sale, Zach Braff posted a photo of Jar Jar Binks, along with the caption, “You know who crashed Fandango?”

Freddie Prinze Jr. is no fan of non-fans, writing, “If you dont ‘get’ #StarWars youre the scrub at the end of Jeopardy with -2000$. Sorry u dont get to play the final round.” Conversely, Piers Morgan stated, “Never watched any Star Wars movie & not going to start now.” Andy Richter agreed, writing, “A guy asked if I was super pumped for the Star Wars trailer & when I said absolutely not he seemed sad but then I told him I’m 48 years old.”

Comedienne Aisha Tyler said, “sixth grade me is like ‘blorp eep gaaaaaaah’. so is now me.” Nick Swardson joked, “Am I rock hard after that Star Wars trailer??????? Yep.” Director Kevin Smith also referenced how the trailer affected his body parts, saying, “I let the Force in me and I’m clenching so it stays!”

Michael Chiklis expressed, “Star Wars is going to make a ten Kabilliondy dollars and I will be contributing to that number!” Jerry O’Connell joked, “Happy Kylo Ren did not mention a daily/weekly Fantasy Football Site during that Star Wars trailer.” Meanwhile, Elizabeth Banks wrote, “I just geeked out HARD for that Star Wars teaser.”

However, Star Trek veteran William Shatner took the opportunity to lash out at the rival franchise. “Those that can; do Star Trek. Those that can’t; do SWs,” the actor wrote. He added, “And everyone knows SWs is a derivative of @StarTrek.”

Gossip Cop will update as more celebrity Star Wars fans react to the new Force Awakens trailer.


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