Star Jones is slamming RadarOnline for falsely claiming she is feuding with Barbara Walters over her TV show, "Daytime Divas." Gossip Cop also confirmed with a rep for Walters that the allegations, which originated in the National Enquirer, are untrue.

Jones was an original co-host on "The View," but left the show in 2006. Since 2012, however, she has appeared several times as a guest star, including earlier this month to support "Daytime Divas." The TV series is based on Jones' book Satan's Sisters, which was a fictionalized story about the catty co-hosts of a daytime talk show.

Now a few weeks after the television adaptation premiered on VH1, the National Enquirer and RadarOnline are both claiming Walters is upset about the show. The claims were first printed in the supermarket tabloid on Wednesday, and then regurgitated online by the webloid almost word-for-word on Friday. The site's headline exclaims, "Barbara Walters HATES Star Jones' New Tell-All Show!"

It's alleged the series is "rubbing 'The View' founder the wrong way," and she "wants to put an end to the silly series." The sister outlets even claim Walters is "worried about what Jones could do next." Purported "sources" are quoted as saying, "Walters is old-school, and would rather keep the secrets in the past."

And yet if Walters and others associated with "The View" were truly upset about the series, there's no way Jones would've been invited on to the ABC talk show to promote it alongside star Vanessa Williams. She even said during the appearance that Walters wished the show well (see video below). And after Gossip Cop confirmed with Walters' camp that these stories are untrue, Jones took to Twitter on Saturday to slam RadarOnline for spreading the inaccurate claims.

"Complete BS @RadarOnlineCom. U wouldn't know what BW thinks if she sent you a telepathic message," Jones wrote. She went on, "Not having BS when it comes to #DaytimeDivas & @TheView. I love @BarbaraJWalters... she gave me this platform. Don't Come for me & my #ViewGirls."

Jones continued in a third tweet, "BW taught me more in 10 years than any other person in my life other than my brother #JohnnyCochran. Telling you now @RadarOnlineCom #BTFO." To that, Gossip Cop would only add that RadarOnline has a history of running falsehoods related to the "The View," including a story more than a year ago that falsely claimed Whoopi Goldberg was leaving.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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