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After spending years falsely claiming Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are on the brink of divorce, Star is doing a major flip-flop. The tabloid's new cover story is all about the couple's "amazing love story." Gossip Cop can expose this sham report.

In the fall of 2013, the gossip magazine published a number of untrue stories about Hill and McGraw's marriage falling apart. Gossip Cop accurately busted the tall tales, and the couple themselves even lashed out at the tabloid media for publishing such lies. Star then had the nerve to double down on its inaccurate contentions, actually claiming Hill and McGraw's divorce denial was just an "attempt to hide the truth." In fact, that December, the outlet announced a "$135 million divorce" for the country superstars.

That completely untrue contention was repeated in June 2014 and again the following month. Then in March of 2015, there was another made-up cover story about a "$120 million divorce." Fast-forward to April 2016, when the tabloid published a "divorce papers" cover and upped the amount of money at stake back to $135 million. Then last December, the magazine claimed Hill and McGraw were only going on tour together to save their marriage.

It was all a load of bull, and Gossip Cop rightly said so every time. What's galling is that the outlet is now reversing course, pretending it never printed any of those falsehoods, and claiming to have the "inside story" on how they're "still head over heels in love." What's more is that the cover was deceptively designed to give fans the false impression that Hill and McGraw actually spoke with the publication. "Faith & Tim: Our Amazing Love Story," blares the front of the issue. "The Truth After 21 Years Of Marriage!" The cover further teases, "How we beat cheating & divorce," "Our secret family life — behind the scenes" and "I don't know why happy can't be a story."

But the couple never told the tabloid anything about their "love story," how they "beat cheating & divorce" or the "behind the scenes" of their "secret family life." And you know when Hill really gave that quote about "why happy can't be a story"? It's from back in 2013, when she was actually blasting the tabloids, including Star, for its bogus breakup stories. It's frankly unbelievable that the magazine is trying to pass off that line as a new quote to support its cover when it was actually made AGAINST the outlet four years ago.

As for the actual article itself, the publication similarly took old quotes from Hill speaking about her love for McGraw and repurposed them without any attribution. There's also a suspicious "friend," who talks about how the couple has "vowed" not to divorce. Of course, that's not what Star spent years telling readers. In fact, Gossip Cop has some of the egregiously wrong covers in a photo gallery below. But now the tabloid ends its piece with the supposed "pal" asserting, "Tim and Faith feel blessed... Tim's always saying, 'I don't know why happy can't be a story.'"

Again, it was Hill who said that four years ago when decrying this very same magazine and its ilk. It's shameful that Star ran all those phony divorce stories and it's shameful that the outlet is flip-flopping now with an equally disingenuous cover story. And just sick with Gossip Cop for the "truth," because we had it all along.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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