Stacey Dash NOT Replacing Kim Fields On ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta,’ Despite Report

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Stacey Dash Real Housewives Atlanta Kim Fields

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Fields was not fired from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” nor was Stacey Dash hired as her replacement, despite an entirely inaccurate report. The claim is 100 percent wrong.

According to MediaTakeOut, not only is Fields gone after her first season on the reality show, but Dash is supposedly going to be paid a fortune for joining the Bravo series. The webloid claims its “very reliable sources” tells the site “Bravo just made the BIGGEST signing in ‘Atlanta Housewives’ history.” What’s more, alleges the untrustworthy site, is that “all the other cast members are going to have to take a pay cut in order for Bravo to have enough money to pay Stacey.”

MediaFakeOut, as it is known, adds, “Stacey has agreed to more than $2 million a season,” and “she’ll be the highest priced Housewife ever!” “One person that won’t have to worry about getting a pay cut is Kim Fields,” continues the webloid, claiming, “Bravo informed her last week that her services are no longer needed. She got fired.”

Before Gossip Cop corrects the webloid, we’d like to know who their “very reliable sources” are, because there have been dozens of stories that MTO has claimed were accurate, and Gossip Cop has busted them for making up tall tales. This latest story is yet another example of the site’s very unreliable reporting. In fact, when asked on Twitter on Sunday whether Dash was joining the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the franchise’s head honcho Andy Cohen responded, “She’s not joining the show.”


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