Stars Share St. Patrick’s Day Wishes – See Celebrity Tweets!

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St. Patricks Day Stars Wishes

By Andrew Shuster |

St. Patricks Day Stars Wishes

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and Irish and non-Irish stars are celebrating the holiday. See celebrities share their personal St. Patrick’s Day wishes below!

Niall Horan took over One Direction’s Twitter account, and wrote, “Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone. Always proud of our little nation,” along with a photo of himself drinking a pint of Guinness. Jimmy Fallon tweeted, “Luck and love. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! #GoGreen.” And Carrie Underwood admitted that the holiday was “The only day of the year my four leaf clover tattoo makes any sense! There’s a lesson here, kids: #ThinkBeforeYouInk.”

Ryan Reynolds offered, “I adore the St. Patrick’s Day tradition of fighting your whole family on the front lawn after sundown.” Brandi Glanville reminded her followers, “Don’t forget to wear green today happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!” Mark Wahlberg similarly expressed, “Happy #StPatricksDay! Are you wearing green today? #IrishPride.”

Along with a chart detailing how to figure out one’s “leprechaun name,” Victoria Justice said, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day from yours truly, Sprinkles McWhiskey.” Meanwhile, Aidy Bryant joked, “happy st patricks day to my rosacea,” and John Leguizamo expressed, “Happy St. Patricks Day ERRRBODY!”

LaToya Jackson posted emojis of four leaf clovers and mugs of beer, along with the caption, “Happy #StPatricksDay!  Good luck to you all!” William Shatner noted, “On St Patrick’s Day you are celebrating, any other day you are a sloshie drunk with a problem!” Ryan Seacrest, however, will not be drinking. He acknowledged, “Celebrating #StPatricksDay by eating Irish girl scout cookies…aka the box of frozen Thin Mints I left in the freezer. ”

Tyra Banks recounted, “When I was little, I used 2 say, ‘I’m not wearing green but my eyes are green, so DON’T pinch me!'” Kerry Washington noted, “It’s time for my annual #StPatricksDay tweet! Named after County Kerry. Yup. Irish influenced and proud. Enjoy the day everybody.”

Dr. Oz tweeted, “Happy #StPatricksDay everyone,” while Rose McGowan wrote, “Happy St. Patrick’s day, Ireland!” Referring to the President having Irish ancestry, Neil deGrasse Tyson quipped, “Happy Saint Patrick’s day, President Barack O’Bama.” And Arsenio Hall is celebrating two events. He tweeted, “I can’t sleep! Do you realize today starts the NCAA Basketball Tournament … AND it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Yeah! Let’s go.” Gossip Cop will update as more stars share their St. Patrick’s Day wishes.


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