Spike Lee: Donald Trump Is “Like Hitler”

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Spike Lee Donald Trump Hitler

By Andrew Shuster |

Spike Lee Donald Trump Hitler

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Spike Lee bashed Donald Trump in a new interview, comparing the Republican presidential candidate to Adolf Hitler because of the frontrunner’s desire to shut down mosques in the United States.

In a discussion with the Daily Beast, Lee was asked about Trump’s recent impact on the country, and specifically New York City, of which Lee is a lifelong resident. “I’m from Brooklyn… I’m not claiming him!” the filmmaker insisted. “It’s very scary. I don’t know how he still thinks he can get the Hispanic vote. He’s supposedly meeting today with some black ministers. I don’t know, man.”

The interviewer then noted that since the 9/11 attacks there have been “780,000-plus refugees that have been let into the U.S. [and] only three have been linked to terrorism.” Lee joked, “But you know what Trump’s saying: ‘They’re thinking about it!'” As for Trump wanting to shut down Islamic places of worship in the U.S. to prevent the possibility of terrorism, Lee expressed, “That’s like the Nazis. That’s like Hitler, Mussolini, the Axis Powers. You can’t do that!”

Lee went on to talk about the recent viral video in which a “Black Lives Matter” protester was assaulted by a few of Trump’s supporters at one of his rallies. “Oh, they beat his ass,” noted Lee. “And then after [Trump] said, ‘He needed to be roughed up!’ Donald might as well just said, ‘[Expletive] his black ass up!'” Tell Gossip Cop what you think of Lee comparing Trump to Hitler.


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