French Train Attack Hero Spencer Stone Stabbed – See Twitter Reactions

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Spencer Stone Stabbed

By Andrew Shuster |

Spencer Stone Stabbed

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Spencer Stone, one of the American heroes who helped stop a suspected terrorist from attacking civilians on a French train in August, was stabbed on Wednesday night in Sacramento. People on social media are now reacting to the shocking news. See Twitter reactions below.

The Sacramento Police Department reports the assault was not related to a terrorist act, but occurred near a bar, and alcohol is believed to be a factor. Stone is currently in stable condition but additonal details, such as the identity of the assailant, have yet to be released.

Maria Menounos expressed shock over the incident, tweeting, “Unbelievable….praying for spencer.” A similarly upset Twitter user named @GOPLadyBug wrote, “Wow. Has this hero not suffered enough?,” while @robwilliamsNY said, “This guy can’t get a break.”

A Twitterer with the handle @DavesBigWife felt, “We murder our heroes in the US. Spencer Stone clings to life after being stabbed in chest 4Xs.” A user named @wwoo45 pointed out, “this is very strange….isn’t it?,” while @msndrstood simply stated, “Unbelievable.”

@LarryTaunton took the opportunity to get political, writing, “I’m sure Obama will now say knives should be banned.” User @Nick_Houser felt the incident proves how dangerous the world is, saying, “Spencer stone stabbing is why I don’t go out anymore. Offend someone w/ hat you wear, person you talk to, place you stand..” Additionally, a user named @charlescwcooke referenced Stone surviving two violent altercations in just a matter of months, tweeting, “I swear to God, we’re two news cycles away from discovering that this guy is Batman.”

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