‘Space Jam 2’ Backlash: Fans React To Sequel With LeBron James

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Space Jam 2 Backlash Reactions

By Andrew Shuster |

Space Jam 2 Backlash Reactions

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Space Jam 2 was officially confirmed on Monday following years of rumors and speculation. Taking the reins from Michael Jordan is LeBron James, who will headline the basketball-themed sequel alongside the Looney Tunes. But many fans of the original are now slamming what they deem to be an unnecessary follow-up to a childhood favorite.

The plot of the sequel has yet to be revealed, but the original live-action/animated hybrid saw Jordan, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the rest of the Looney Tunes teaming up to save the planet by winning a game of basketball against aliens. Justin Lin, who was behind Fast & Furious 6 and the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, is in talks to direct.

“I think my entire childhood was just ruined by the Space Jam 2 sequel with Lebron. Please help,” tweeted a person named @TheClemReport upon hearing the news. A user with the handle @CeeAye_Tee wrote, “At what point did anyone think we needed a Space Jam 2?” And a user named @mvbrat91 expressed, “I’m asking you people, don’t encourage [Warner Bros.] to make Space Jam 2. Please. There are other franchises worthy to resurrect, just not Space Jam.”

A person named @ItsSpecial_K joked, “Anyone involved in the process of making Space Jam 2 should be arrested.” Meanwhile, Twitter user @Dshann26 said, “Space Jam 2 is the worst thing ever. I hate Hollywood.” User @KevinKloss offered, “What! Space Jam 2? We don’t need this,” and a person named @goodguydino insisted, “Space jam 2 is not a good idea.” “I bet Space Jam 2 sucks,” added @The_RealZak, while a user named @ThaCowLady declared, “Not watching space jam 2.”

A few Twitter users felt the movie was disrespectful to Jordan’s legacy, while others disagreed with casting James in the lead role. Among the other basketball stars suggested as better choices included recently retired Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, and Blake Griffin. Regardless of the star, most people are calling foul on the idea of making a sequel to the animated/live action basketball movie.


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