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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas may be happily engaged, but no one is dishing about their relationship to a widely-discredited gossip blog. Gossip Cop can expose a webloid that's trying to exploit their engagement with fake news.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Sunday Turner and Jonas revealed they're engaged. To capitalize on the development, HollywoodLife has churned out five related stories in just two days' time. In fact, within hours of the engagement announcement, the site claimed to have "EXCLUSIVELY learned" Jonas and Turner's "wedding plans." In actuality, the outlet learned nothing. The article only contained generalities that could apply to virtually any newly-engaged couple.

But the online publication isn't giving up on trying to attract fans with related stories, hence an article headlined, "Sophie Turner Knew Joe Jonas Was 'The One The Moment They Met' — She's 'In Love.'" Well, Gossip Cop would hope the actress is in love given that she accepted his proposal to wed. But the webloid goes as far as claiming Turner "always knew she would marry Jonas." Seriously?

"Sophie knew Joe was the one the moment they met," a purported "source" is quoted as saying, adding, "She has never been more in love and she thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world. Sophie feels that Joe is the complete package, he is sexy, smart, funny, handsome, talented and successful. Sophie loves his amazing family too and she can't believe she will forever be a part of the Jonas clan."

Notice how this "source" doesn't mention how Turner and Jonas actually met or why she immediately knew upon meeting him once that she'd like to spend the rest of her life with him. Instead, just like in the previous "exclusive," this alleged tipster goes on to deliver platitudes that would surely fit for any other couple who just got engaged. Just swap out "Sophie," "Joe" and "Jonas" and it's really obvious how generic these assertions are.

What's more is that this supposed scoop actually contradicts a different "exclusive" from June. In that one, HollywoodLies maintained Jonas and Turner had no intention of marrying. It's worth noting that that tale came just days after the couple was seen hiking together. The timing fits with the online publication's M.O. Something happens with a celebrity that is documented by the media, and then to seize any possible traffic related to that celebrity, the webloid manufactures a false narrative.

That's why after not writing about Turner and Jonas' relationship since that June post, it is suddenly covering the couple again in the wake of the engagement news. Funny how HollywoodLies didn't have any insight on the pair between June and October, but is suddenly in-the-know about their "wedding plans" and how Turner knew the singer was "the one the moment they met." Our skepticism was confirmed when wee learned that no real "source" spoke with the webloid about Turner's feelings, just as no one spoke with the site about her "wedding plans." This is just another fake news story designed to capitalize on their relationship.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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