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Did Sophie Turner tell her husband Joe Jonas she wanted to “pause” on starting a family after their wedding last summer in order to party more? That was what one tabloid claimed. Gossip Cop had reason to believe this report was total nonsense, and recent events have cemented our hunch.

OK! magazine published an article last October claiming the Game Of Thrones actress “pressed pause on family planning” in order to “enjoy a little more of her youth.” While Jonas was ready to start a family with his British bride, Turner was a little less inclined to cut back on her “partying.” A so-called “pal” told the outlet, “Right now she’s determined to enjoy being young and successful, which means she doesn’t intend to get pregnant anytime soon.”

Jonas was reportedly “a little disappointed” that the timetable for the couple to have a child was pushed back, but understood “that it’s Sophie’s call,” the publication proclaimed. Before his hopes were supposedly dashed by Turner’s decision, the Jonas Brothers singer “slowed down his drinking” after the couple’s summer wedding in preparation for his new life as a dad, the “friend” explained.

For her part, “Sophie sees it as a responsible decision,” the tipster continued. “When the timing’s right, she’ll settle down and devote herself to a baby.” Jonas apparently was also mollified by the fact that his new wife assured him that “children are in their future.” In the meantime, “He’s hoping that if she has another year of blowing off steam, she’ll come around,” according to the highly-suspect “friend.” Gossip Cop didn’t report on this story at the time because there was no way for us to verify or disprove the dubious information. But new information has come to light that allows us to address this rumor.

Several outlets, including some reputable ones, announced that Sophie Turner was pregnant in February. The actress had been seen in public multiple times in recent months wearing baggy, loose fitting clothing, leading to speculation that she might be expecting. This report seemingly confirmed the news, but there was still no word from Turner or Jonas, nor their reps. Finally, in May, Turner and Jonas were spotted out on a stroll and the sight of Turner’s prominent belly confirmed the happy news. Though neither Turner or Jonas have confirmed the news themselves, it’s pretty obvious at this point that they’re expecting their first child and are several months along. It’s possible that they were pregnant at the time that this article went to print, or shortly afterwards. Obviously, it’s not true that Turner wanted to put starting a family on “pause” to party more, since the starlet is clearly pregnant. Gossip Cop has determined this story to be untrue.

OK! has a history of misreporting the facts when it comes to Sophie Turner and her marriage to Joe Jonas. Ironically, the outlet claimed Turner was pregnant with Jonas’ baby in 2018. Gossip Cop proved, and time confirmed, that this was not the case. Last spring, that same tabloid insisted that Turner had ignored Jonas during the Game Of Thrones premiere party. This was also proven to be false. This tabloid clearly never learns from its mistakes.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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