Is Sophia Bush planning to do a dating-focused reality show? A new report claims she wants to find love on TV. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the story.

Last month, while on "The Tonight Show," Sophia Bush joked about looking for hot guys reading on the subway. That has apparently inspired OK! to concoct a tale titled, "Sophia's Man Hunt." According to the article, the actress now has a "better idea" than "scoping out guys" on the subway: "A reality show about her search for love."

The tabloid contends Bush envisions "a series about her dating life as an opportunity to 'reach more suitors.'" A so-called "source" alleges she "badly wants to find the right guy," and asserts that doing it through television "could either make her look desperate or show how funny she is." Adds this purported tipster, "She figures it's worth the risk."

Apparently the magazine thought it was worth peddling this story even though it's untrue. Though Bush did amusingly discuss being single with Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago, she has no intention of putting her love life on TV. Not only does the star's rep deny these claims are true, but if the outlet really had a credible "source" that actually knows Bush, they'd know how much she values her privacy.

Just over five years ago, Bush stressed on Twitter that her personal life is private. In 2015, she called out fake Instagram and Facebook accounts that were being used by an imposter to dupe fans. "This strange person (who clearly needs a hobby) has been impersonating me, discussing my personal life (as if they have a clue about it) and leading many of you on," she wrote in a message. Then in 2016, Bush slammed a man for harassing her on a plane.

Around the same time, The Incredibles 2 star objected to the extreme amount of coverage surrounding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's breakup. On top of questioning why Jennifer Aniston was being dragged into all the stories, she took issue with the topic seemingly dominating over more important news subjects. When a follower tweeted to her, "1.5 BILLION birds have been lost and bees are almost decimated globally. These are the only birds and bees I care about," Bush agreed, replying, "SAME. Same same same."

Given Bush's clear stance on keeping her personal life private and her belief that the media should focus on consequential matters, this tabloid article alleging she's contemplating doing a dating reality show is laughable. But it's certainly not funny that this story was manufactured at all.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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