Sophia Bush Writes Tribute To Ex-Boyfriend Dan Fredinburg Who Died In Nepal Earthquake

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Sophia Bush Dan Fredinburg

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Sophia Bush Dan Fredinburg

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Sophia Bush penned an emotional tribute on Instagram to her ex-boyfriend Dan Fredinburg, who died Saturday following a catastrophic earthquake in Nepal that has claimed more than 1,000 lives. “There are no adequate words. Today I find myself attempting to pick up the pieces of my heart that have broken into such tiny shards,” wrote the “One Tree Hill” actress.

Fredinburg, a Google executive, was one of 10 climbers who perished on Mount Everest Saturday after they were caught in an avalanche triggered by the earthquake. Bush and Fredinburg, who dated for 10 months, broke up in August 2014, but remained friends. “I, and so many of my loved ones, lost an incredible friend,” she wrote. “Dan Fredinburg was one-of-a-kind. Fearless. Funny. A dancing robot who liked to ride dinosaurs and chase the sun and envision a better future for the world.”

She also said of Fredinburg, “He was one of my favorite human beings on Earth. He was one of the great loves of my life. He was one of my truest friends. He was an incredible brother, a brilliant engineer, and a damn good man. I’m devastated and simultaneously so deeply grateful to have known and loved him, and to have counted him as one of my tribe.”

Bush also remembered the others who perished in Nepal. She wrote, “I am crushed knowing that there are over 1,000 people in Nepal suffering this exact feeling, knowing that they too will never hear another tale about an adventure lived from someone that they love. Disasters like this are often unquantifiable, the enormity is too much to understand. Please remember that each person who is now gone was someone’s Dan. Please remember that our time on this Earth is not guaranteed. Please tell those you love that you do. Right now. This very minute. And please send a kiss to the sky for my friend Dan.”

In addition to her tribute, Bush posted a fun photo of Fredinburg with his hands stretched out at the Museum of Modern Art’s “Rain Room.” What do you think of Bush’s tribute to her ex-boyfriend and those suffering in Nepal.

Sophia Bush Dan Fredinburg



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