Sofie Dossi “America’s Got Talent” Video: Reba McEntire Uses Golden Buzzer On Teen Contortionist

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Sofie Dossi America's Got Talent Video

By Shari Weiss |

Sofie Dossi America's Got Talent Video


Reba McEntire used her “America’s Got Talent” Golden Buzzer for teen contortionist Sofie Dossi on Wednesday. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the 14-year-old blew away the judges with her audition last month. Not only did she manage to contort her body, but she also balanced on her hands and picked up an apple with her feet… and took a bite out of it.

If that wasn’t enough, she also shot an arrow with her feet. Unbelievably, Dossi now topped that during the second round of the competition. The contestant again contorted her body in incredible ways and balanced just on her hands.

But she also shot an arrow again… and this time it was on fire. Howie Mandel and guest judge McEntire both gave a standing ovation. Simon Cowell said he felt like he was watching something out of “Game of Thrones,” and Mel B was amazed that Dossi upped her game.

McEntire, though, didn’t want to give feedback. The country icon instead said, “I think actions speak louder than words.” And with that, she pushed the button to send Dossi straight to the live shows.

After the confetti rang out, McEntire explained to the stunned aspiring star, “I’ve never seen anything like it before. You just dazzled me.” Watch how it all went down below!


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