Sofia Vergara Surprises Personal Assistant On Leap Day With Gifts (VIDEO)

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Sofia Vergara Personal Assistant surprise

By Michael Lewittes |

Sofia Vergara Personal Assistant surprise


Sofia Vergara surprised her assistant, Dakota McElmurry, on “Leap Day” by getting him a custom-made suit and giving him a day off and a bonus. Since February had an extra day this year, on Monday the actress decided to make the additional 24 hours all about McElmurry, who’s been tirelessly working for her day-in and day-out for the past three years. See the video below.

In a video she posted on social media, the “Modern Family”star begins, “Hola, it’s Sofia Vergara. You know who I am, but today is not at all about me.” She explains, “With an extra 24 hours to do good, I’m going to surprise my personal assistant, Dakota. He has been doing a great job these past three years, and it’s going to be all about him today.”

When McElmurry comes into a room, thinking that it’s for a fitting for the actress, Vergara tells him that the car company Chevy created a “movement called #DayItForward, and I’m going to #DayItForward for you.” While pointing out a rack of suits, shirts, and ties, Vergara reveals to the still perplexed McElmurry, “I’m going to give you something you’ve been wanting for a long time… a custom-made suit. I’m also going to give you a free day [off] and a bonus.”

“This is amazing! Are you serious? Is this real?” her personal assistant asks incredulously, to which Vergara replies, “It’s not a joke. I’m not being mean.” She adds, “You’ve been amazing these past three years, and I appreciate it.” Check out Vergara surprising her personal assistant on “Leap Day” in the video below.

Posted by Sofia Vergara on Monday, February 29, 2016


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