Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello NOT Having Marriage Problems, Despite Report

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Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello Marriage Problems

By Andrew Shuster |

Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello Marriage Problems

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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are NOT having marriage problems, despite a completely false webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s “not true.”

According to an unreliable website, the married couple supposedly hate spending one-on-one time together and try to have other people around as much as possible. A so-called “friend” of Vergara and Manganiello’s tells the outlet, “When they said they were jetting off to Turks and Caicos, we were relieved that they were going to be spending some quality time together alone. But then we found out they were joined by Planet Hollywood founder Robert Earl. These two hate being alone together.”

The webloid’s dubious insider adds, “They either go places by themselves or they go with other people. They are never together alone. It is never just the two of them.” Celeb Dirty Laundry later regurgitated this bogus story, but put its own false spin on it by alleging Vergara and Manganiello are in a “sham PR marriage,” and were “set up with each other to help boost their public profiles.”

Naturally, the repeatedly discredited CDL doesn’t have a single source to back up this claim. Gossip Cop, however, did check in with a source close to the couple, who exclusively assures us Vergara and Manganiello’s marriage is going strong, and the claims made in both webloids are “not true.” Gossip Cop is further told the couple isn’t headed for a divorce, and this simply a non-issue.

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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are having marriage problems.


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