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Sofia Vergara's marriage to Joe Manganiello is not over, nor was she "caught cheating" on him, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop investigated, and we can exclusively confirm the sensational report is fake news.

In addition to falsely announcing Vergara cheated and her marriage is "over," the new cover of Star also touts a "divorce shocker." All three assertions are complete lies. And inside the issue, the tabloid actually backs away from its "divorce" contention, instead alleging "friends fear" the couple's relationship may be "on the rocks." That's far different from the declarative cover.

So, what's supposedly going on? The gossip magazine alleges Vergara and Manganiello's 17-month marriage has hit a "breaking point" after she was "caught getting cozy with another man." Now, contends the publication, they're "on the verge of calling it quits." The outlet points to photos from Rome last month of Vergara talking and dancing with Andrea Iervolino, one of the producers on her latest film. The outlet even quotes a so-called "friend" as speculating Manganiello was "devastated" when he saw the pictures.

But because the tabloid doesn't actually know Manganiello's reaction or the state of his marriage, it resorts to citing this supposed source, who makes the assumption that the snapshots "could be an indication that their marriage may be in serious trouble." Of course, real journalists would look into these possibilities instead of having a purported "pal" guess how Manganiello "could" or "may" have reacted and then theorize what it might mean for the relationship.

While the magazine acknowledges that Vergara and Iervolino were at a party held at a public hotel with other people from their production, the outlet still cites a supposed "eyewitness" who insists, based on their alleged "chemistry," "you couldn't help but wonder if Sofia had been cheating on Joe during her time abroad." Again, a reputable publication would have investigated if there was any truth to such infidelity claims, not run a cover story based on what some unidentified spy "wondered."

The outlet goes on to speculate there's also hidden meaning in Vergara later stepping out with only her engagement ring and not her wedding band, and even claims her romantic history makes these allegations "not that surprising." The aforementioned "friend" further contends to the tabloid that he or she "heard" Manganiello wants a "breather," and asserts this "could be the straw that breaks the camel's back."

Basically, while the publication's cover declares the marriage is "over," the actual article is filled with speculation about what "could be," all based on pictures of Vegara at an event for her movie. But Gossip Cop doesn't deal with theories. We deal with facts. And it's not true Manganiello found the photos of his wife to be "humiliating" for him. A rep for the actor exclusively tells Gossip Cop the contention is "100 percent false."

We also spoke with Vergara's spokesperson, who tells us the "divorce shocker" allegation is "not true at all." Gossip Cop also has a third source, who deems the cheating claims "such bulls**t." It must also be mentioned that Star actually has a history of peddling B.S. when it comes to this couple.

Nearly three years ago, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Vergara was still stuck on ex-fiance Nick Loeb, despite dating Manganiello. That, of course, was a lie since she subsequently married Manganiello and has been battling Loeb in court over frozen embryos for years. Gossip Cop is so "over" Star making up fake news stories.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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