Sofia Vergara Did NOT Endorse Donald Trump, Despite Report

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Donald Trump Sofia Vergara

By Michael Lewittes |

Sofia Vergara did not endorse Donald Trump, despite a webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it “isn’t true at all.”

According to The Journal Daily, which seemingly has about as much traffic as a deserted island and appears to be a parody site, Vergara supposedly endorsed Trump. The questionable webloid begins its inaccurate report by noting that the GOP frontrunner has gone out of his way “to offend the Hispanic community… with comments such as ‘[Mexico is] sending people that have lots of problems… They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.'” It then notes that a CNN poll concluded “82 percent of Hispanics view Trump unfavorably,” but Vergara “belongs to the 18 percent who don’t mind Trump’s recent comments” and has even gone on “to endorse him.”

The webloid alleges Vergara said during an appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” that she likes “what he has to say about this country.” “[Trump] is like some of this country’s best leaders, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington… Also, he’s worth four billion dollars. You don’t get to be that successful unless you know how to run something. That’s the person I want running this country,” the “Modern Family” star supposedly added. And when DeGeneres reportedly asked Vergara if she felt Trump would make for a better president than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, wrote the outlet, the actress supposedly answered, “Yes, I do.”

“Trump was triumphant after he heard about the endorsement,” claims the satire blogs, which quotes the Republican presidential hopeful as saying, “This recent announcement from Mrs. Vergara is just one more thing that proves how much the Hispanic community really supports me.” The Journal Daily further alleges trump added, “And on top of it all she is, or course, a very beautiful woman. As the former owner of the Miss Universe Organization, I hope she knows she can reach out to me if she’s ever interested in the competition.”

Gossip Cop looked into this report, and not a single word of it is true. Vergara never endorsed Trump. She never made those remarks on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” And Trump never responded with those fake-sounding quotes. It’s all a lie. A rep for Vergara confirms to Gossip Cop that it “isn’t true at all.”

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