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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are slamming Star as "fake news," after Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for its false "divorce" cover story. Gossip Cop is pleased to see two celebrities speaking out against the gossip media for its lies.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Wednesday Star published a cover story wrongly claiming Vergara's marriage was "over" after she was supposedly "caught cheating" on Manganiello. The article was mostly speculation based on what alleged sources thought could happen to their relationship if Vergara had, in fact, cheated. But the only proof of this purported infidelity was Vergara dancing and talking with the producer of her latest film at a party in a public hotel with other colleagues present.

Still, the tabloid promoted its report as a "divorce shocker." On the contrary, however, a rock-solid contact told Gossip Cop the cheating claims were "such bullsh*t." A rep for Vergara further told us exclusively the divorce contention was "not true at all." And Manganiello's spokesperson also told us the assertions he was "humiliated" and taking a "breather" from the marriage were "100 percent false."

Now Vergara and Manganiello themselves are not only backing up our accurate debunking, but also taking the shameful publication to task for its lies and deception. Alongside the outlet's cover, the "Modern Family" star wrote on Instagram, "The editor of this magazine is an idiot." As Gossip Cop previously noted, the tabloid's story alleged Vergara stopped wearing her wedding ring, something the actress is revealing was actually a misleading photo manipulation.

"If he is going to have my ring removed to created a 'fake' 'news' he should have made sure that he removed from social media all the other pictures of that award night in Rome where Im wearing it," Vergara wrote, going on to say, "By the way...thats my friend the producer of the movie Bent that I was shooting in Rome and who came to spend Easter at my home the week later." She added the hashtags, "#Starmagazinebullies #goinventsh*itaboutyourmother."

For his part, Manganiello also posted the front of the magazine on his own Instagram page. He stated in the caption, "Big surprise everyone but Star created a fake story and then photo shopped my wife's engagement ring off of her finger in order to sell magazines. They are run by malicious trash. Do the world a favor and don't buy their garbage."

Star is charging $5.99 this week for a cover story that has no merit. Other articles inside the issue are also false. Gossip Cop will continue to call the tabloid out for publishing fake news like this, and we hope other stars will join Manganiello and Vergara in doing so, too.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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