Are Sofia Richie and Scott Disick on the rocks? That's what one clueless tabloid wants readers to believe. Gossip Cop can point to evidence the couple's relationship is still going strong.

According to OK!, ever since Kourtney Kardashian became single again, Richie and Disick have been "on shaky ground." It's alleged the couple was "last seen together on Aug. 9," one day before Disick and Kardashian "partied together" at Kylie Jenner's birthday bash. The magazine calls it "an outing that drove Sofia up the wall."

"She's convinced that Scott is trying to win back Kourtney and has been pestering him about it nonstop, which is causing some friction," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. Alleges the outlet's untraceable tipster, "Sofia would be crushed if they break up, but her paranoia is just making things worse." It's further asserted that Richie has "a real sinking feeling about her and Scott's future."

There are multiple problems here, the most important of which is the claim that Disick and Richie were "last seen together on Aug. 9." That is factually wrong. Richie and Disick just spent the weekend celebrating her birthday in Mexico with his kids. Then on Monday, following their return to the States, Disick and Richie stepped out for dinner together in Malibu.

On top of the publication's timeline clearly being false, this begs the questions: If Disick has been "trying to win back Kourtney," why would he have just taken Richie and his children away on a trip to celebrate the model's birthday? That hardly makes sense. And in regards to Kardashian and Disick partying together at Jenner's bash, E! Online reported that he actually "spent most of his time" with other people.

Furthermore, in a follow-up story earlier this week about where Kardashian and Disick stand, E! reported that not only does she have no interest in getting back together with him, but also that "Kourtney has become more understanding of Scott and his relationship with Sofia." It should also be noted that when Us Weekly recently reported Disick and Kardashian wouldn't be getting back together, it was stressed, "He and Sofia are happy where they are now and they're simply doing their own thing."

None of this is to say Richie and Disick will be together forever, or that he and Kardashian will never ever have a romantic reunion. But these current contentions from OK! about Disick and Richie being "on the rocks" are evidently untrue. The tabloid also has a history of being wildly off-base when it comes to the duo. Nearly a year ago, the magazine claimed Disick wanted to have a baby with Richie to get "revenge" on the Kardashians. Obviously, that hasn't happened.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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